NAME O'ell
Location Igen
Position AWLM
Dragon Jafyth
Birthplace Benden
Played By Richard Dean Anderson
Player Seshat


Tall, lean, defined. O'ell is the epitome of disciplined living with close cropped and prematurely greying hair. A clean shaven face shows signs of craggy lines and maybe a few lines around dark brown eyes to indicate age. Fortunately, tanned skin covers all other signs that he's less then young. His economical, but limber movements suggest a man still in his prime.

A black tunic is snug fitting and tucked into dark green loose fitting work pants that have a lot of pockets. He's got a pair of tough looking black boots on that may have seen better days as well. There's nothing fancy at all about this outfit; it's for working. Nuff said.

Common Knowledge

  • A laid back kind of guy; with a dry sarcastic sense of humor
  • Jafyth is pretty much the same - rider and dragon are an extension of one another.
  • A Wingleader back in Benden Weyr, before he transferred.
  • Small talk? Not his thing.


W'rin: He gets it.
Sienna: Fellow AWLM, weyrmated to W'rin. Why!?
K'vvan: Knows his way around a dead body. Sooooo, kinda creepy.
Eollyn: Makes and sells good liquor. And has other additional assets that I will not discuss.
Mayte: Explains the liquor in layman's terms. Good.


Odell was a Weyrbrat, simple as that. His father a rider and his mother a rider. And if you look back far enough, they were probably all riders. He stems from a long line of riders ready and willing to keep dragonkind going strong during the Interval until they were needed again for the next pass of the Red Star. So when he was asked to stand at 16 Turns old? He accepted without even having to think about it. It was as natural as breathing, really. He was used to a disciplined life, and the unusual lifestyle of the Weyr. So he blended right in to candidacy and smirked almost knowingly at Jafyth when the young bronze marched up to him resolutely. Being so alike, their habits and attitude tended to amplify in each other. To a point where they would often find themselves in hot water for the sarcasm that often accompanied their opinions. But hey, once you ask O'ell a question you need to be prepared for the stark reality. It's probably only age and the color of his dragon that eventually saw him rise in rank. But once he got that first position of Wingsecond, he began to shine. He could be laid back with those under his command but still demand their respect. And, he really did know what he was doing (even if he absolutely -hated- hidework. Can't someone else fill out that report in triplicate??). The turns went by, blending in to one another as he rose up to be Wingleader for a time. But then, when he heard the call that Igen was looking for a few good bronze and brownriders, decided it was time to pass the mantle of Wingleader on to his competent second and see if his skills could be of use in a different climate.

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