Location Igen Weyr
Position Weywoman's Assistant; Trader, Reika Caravan
Weyrmate Zh'ain, rider of bronze Josvikuth
Firelizard blue Cirrus, bronze Efydd, gold Suna
Birthplace Bitra Hold, Nowtime
Played By Natalie Portman
Player KyaLia


No stranger to work is this young woman, as evidenced by subtle musculature gained from a trader's life on the road - on foot and on runnerback. The strength in her 5'6 frame is well hidden by just enough feminine curvature to make it her least evident trait - pleasing to the eye, for certain, but not over-accentuated. A softly curious brown-eyed gaze dominates a face that would be quite oval were it not for the strong jaw and gently pointed chin it tapers to. Thin, tapering brows slanted inward might look severe were it not for the almost elfin nose and rounded cheekbones offsetting them. A sensually full-lipped mouth is often given to a broad smile that lights up her rosy-cheeked face, and long brown hair cascades in gentle waves over her shoulders to hang to about the middle of her back. Her beauty is understated but undeniable - almost out of place among such a rugged lot as the Reika.

Onari has done a bit of growing up since arriving at Igen. While the sweet and fun-loving girl she'd been in her teens hasn't truly gone anywhere, it's been tempered by a somewhat pragmatic, determined, and proud demeanor born of the demands of making one's way in the rough-and-tumble life of Igen's Bazaar…as well as loss of blood-innocence. She’s also practical, diplomatic, and a good businesswoman - all learned from her parents and invaluable to her caravan. There’s a certain amount of patience going along with all of this, stemming from working to keep her father on even ground when things don’t go his way. She’s inquisitive, observant, rather adventurous, and compassionate at her core. Her family is very important to her, as are the others in the caravan.

She can also be prone to a sharp tongue when diplomacy fails…though her brothers have been on the receiving end of that more than anyone else. She does display some egotism when it comes to her work, and also in her dealings with men…though that is rarely seen in public.

When it comes to Weyr living, she initially found herself flustered by the way of things, though after the Reika’s initial months at Igen she became accustomed to most of it. Further aiding her adjustment was the Impression of her brother Finn (now F'in) to bronze Rhakanth. She loves the atmosphere of the Bazaar in spite of the danger to it, and even though she’s a bit intimidated by certain Weyrfolk, she’s used to them and their dragons. While she still can't fathom how anyone could live in a cave, she's quite settled at Igen - enough to call it home.


Blue Cirrus

Silvery-blue clouds feather frost upon a delicately boned face, gleaming atop each neck ridge and across the backs of each fragile-looking wing, drawing delicate tendrils down the full length of slim tail and across shapely haunches. Beneath high clouds, the purity of a cold autumn sky glows bold on smooth hide, stark and clear across lengthy neck and sturdy chest. Sunlight shines in pale electrum on thin talons and at the very tip of each headknob, lending an ethereal quality to the cirrus-like aspects of this pale creature of high, cold skies.

Bronze Efydd

This firelizard, small for his dark, polished coloring, thinks that he is royalty and expects to be treated as such. He holds himself perfectly upright at all times with nary a movement - except as necessary, of course - and expects all to defer to him. Those who dare to venture too close are met by scolding of some sort - a hiss at the very least, a loud screeching at the worst. Food does much to placate him, and if he's feeling particularly generous, he may go quiet and request the privilege of a chin rub. Maybe.

Gold Suna

Desc coming soon!

Common Knowledge

  • She and Zh'ain recently welcomed both a son and a daughter into the world. Zirah came first, with her brother Zarion following only a few minutes later.
  • Onari became Diem's assistant shortly before the flight that passed the position of Senior Weyrwoman on to her.
  • She is weyrmated to Zh'ain and now lives with him in a ground weyr beside the Weyr lake.
  • Onari Stood a second time as a Candidate for Zsaviranth and Lukoith's clutch after accepting the invitation from Diem.
  • Onari accepted the invitation to Stand for Rhiscorath and Abraxath's clutch after getting (literally) pounced upon by Erissa's Danorath - with S'ayde's Kataskiath supporting the choice. However, she was left on the Sands and returned to the Reika.
  • The leather wares she makes are of fine quality - pouches, sheathes, and belts, mostly. She’s also been known to repair the odd riding strap as dragonriders have become aware of her work.
  • Onari, along with new hire Cameron, were abducted when raiders attacked the Reika on a run to Big Bay Hold at the beginning of the 8th Turn of the 12th Pass. They escaped and managed to make it back to the caravan within three days of the incident.
  • She had a runner named Gola - a handsome black colt with white feathering across his hindquarters. While fast, he was a trail runner and not a racer…though that didn't stopped her from letting him go up against others from time to time. He had to be put down after the raider attack in which Onari and Cameron were kidnapped; he took an arrow, and the wound became infected, resulting in blood poisoning.
  • Before the ill-fated run that claimed his life, Gola was bred with Dorcha, one of the Weyr's best breeding mares. The result was a snowflake filly that Onari named Realta. She has been working with Zarrah to train the young runner, who has happily taken to both young women.

Uncommon Knowledge

  • Onari has been learning spycraft from S'ayde and is proficient enough to be considered one of his spylings, though it would be more apt to say she is an informant.
  • During the escape she made with Cameron, Onari rushed the raider guard that had come in to check on them and shoved him into the door frame, causing him to hit his head in such a way that he was killed. Considering that Gola later died, she can justify it to an extent. However, some of the nightmares that have persisted after her capture involve blood on her hands, and she doesn't know if she will ever truly feel free of the stain she perceives to be on her soul in the wake of having taken a life, accidentally or no.
  • She has suffered from nightmares somewhat regularly since being kidnapped, and has recently started to deal with random (though thankfully infrequent) bouts of sleepwalking.


Family, friends, lovers, and enemies - any and all of those who most impact Onari may be found here. Click to reveal the main players on the stage of this Reika daughter's life.


Onari grew up surrounded by animals (her mother’s trade) and metalwork (her father’s) in a male-dominated household in Bitra. Forin, Kona, and her brothers Kalfor and Finn made sure she was well shielded from the shadier aspects of their home Hold, and in spite of some Nowtime traditions, she was instilled with a sense of equality between genders due to the very balanced partnership her mother and father demonstrated.

Forin’s assembly of a trade caravan - her grandfather's dream - started coming together when Onari was still quite young, and she had no idea that learning the skills of a tanner and continuing to help her mother with the runners and burdenbeasts would one day be so valuable. They were simply things she enjoyed doing and a way she hoped to draw the attention of the Tannercrafthall for future apprenticeship. By the time her father had the caravan organized, she was fourteen, and the idea of being able to travel across Pern had become far more appealing than sitting in a Hall or Hold.

Three Turns of life on the road fashioned her into a strong, hard-working young woman, and while the onset of the Pass filled her with fear, it also fitted her with a deep determination to keep her people safe from it at all costs. The kidnapping of her father by some former caravan members taught her the value of healthy suspicion. When the Reika became bound to Igen Weyr following a major incident involving the Varas family (then part of the caravan), she was afraid that having to remain in one place would somehow damage their way of life.

To her relief, she discovered how vibrant a trade community Igen Weyr had to offer, and the Bazaar culture immediately drew her curiosity. She enjoys being able to trade there, and often finds herself operating as the face of her caravan in business matters with many of the merchants - especially when there’s a risk her father may explode over something not working out quite the way he hopes.

Life has, for better or worse, remained exciting for the young trader. One adventure that she doesn't care to repeat involved a raid upon the Reika during a run to Big Bay Hold, resulting in injuries and material loss for the caravan…and her own kidnapping alongside a young man named Cameron. She accidentally killed one of the men guarding them, and while they did escape, she has remained plagued by nightmares and the occasional bout of sleepwalking ever since. Her runner, Gola, also died as a result of the whole affair. Discovering that the raiders were tied to the Underground Hold found her harboring a prejudice against its people, something she strives to overcome.

While she has adjusted well enough in the wake of all that, it has hardened her somewhat, making her warier of the world in general and yet much more determined to live life to the fullest.

Theme Song

  • Caravanserai by Loreena McKennitt - According to Wikipedia, a caravanserai was "a roadside inn where travelers (caravaners) could rest and recover from the day's journey." That such things exist for the trader folk of Pern is highly likely, especially in the desert region of Igen. For Onari, it is an apt metaphor for the need she has for somewhere to find respite and reconnect with her roots and her heart in the midst of a busy life. She is tied strongly to the road, but even more strongly to her family and loved ones. Life as a trader has allowed her - and continues to allow her - to see amazing things, but she always feels a strong pull to home. It isn't a physical place as much as it is wherever she is able to feel the embrace and acceptance of her people and those dearest to her.

Description of Onari's Wagon Interior (for logs)

Onari's Wagon

The smallest of the Reika wagons - since it's only for one person - Onari's is likely also the coziest, and not just because it's small. Her bed lies all the way at the back, thick pillows and blankets folded and pushed neatly to the side for now in favor of the light, thin sheets so necessary to cope with Igen summers. Small cabinets hold food and other necessaries, while slightly larger ones hold leather and tools necessary for her trade. Hooks just inside the door hold tack and some necessary implements (small whips, etc.) she uses to help her mother with the animals. Large slat windows on either side can be propped wide to let the air flow through, or latched firmly shut from within. Plenty of glowbaskets cast warm light about the wagon as needed in the darker hours, and Onari makes certain that any visitors have a good place to relax as evidenced by all the richly hued cushions she keeps about. It's a practical atmosphere, though with just enough of a feminine touch to make clear who lives here.



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