Location Igen Weyr
Position Jr Weyrling
Craft App Herder
Dragon Bronze Nendalath
Birthplace Keroon Cothold
Played By Dominique


Standing 5'10 tall this young man doesn't stand out in a crowd. Slender build, with shoulder length blond hair(conveniently tied into a runnertail). His one distinguishing feature is a thin white scar that runs from the bottom of his right ear to the tip of his chin, the reminder of a childhood injury. Hazel eyes peer out at the world with a curiosity inherited from his Mom. One would think that a stiff breeze would blow P'wyn away quite easily but they would be wrong, his wirery build belies a strength born of hard work and long hours on his parents cothold.
The yellow shirt is almost as bright as 100 camp fires burning together, more than enough to blind the unwary person who might look at it unprotected . Black piping outlines the breast pockets and down each side of the shirt. His pants are black as a starless night, a total lack of light (completely opposite to his shirt), thin yellow stripes run down the outside both of his pant legs which are tucked into a shiny pair of black leather boots. A light brown leather belt circles his waist, a dagger attached to the left side while a small pouch is attached to the right side of the belt. All in all an impressive outfit.

Common Knowledge

P'wyn is a bit of a well jerk, he seems to think that the world revolves around him and now his dragon. He can be insufferable with his attitude of being better than anyone regardless of what the evidence might show. There is one subject he loves to talk about and that is himself, nothing much else is worthy of his attention well except his new lifemate now that he's managed to impress one.


Dragon: Bronze Nendalath
Father: Cigor
Mother: Teri
Great Great Grandfather: Dominique
Great Great Grandmother: Vicky


P’wyn is from the Karoon area, the son of Teri (mom) and Cigor (dad) he is an only child and as such you could say he was spoiled (well as much as anyone can be spoiled living on a small cothold). Even though he worked hard alongside his parents it soon became apparent that he felt himself ‘special’ and ‘one of a kind’ even though there was little reason for these feelings.
He had few playmates growing up, as the nearest cothold was a fair walk from his home and the few he had tended to grow frustrated and angry with him leaving him to fend for himself. As he grew older he felt that no one could compare with him, his parents not helping the matter always telling him how special he was and how they were so very lucky to have him as their son.
It was decided that he join the Herders when he was of an age to apprentice to a craft the thought being that the training would help the family in caring for their own animals and provide extra income by helping others with their animals. His apprenticeship was not the favorite time of his life as he spent it finding out just how unspecial he really was and how his attitude affected his ability to make friends outside of his home.
His apprenticeship was interrupted when a blue-rider from Igen Weyr appeared at the Hall searching for Candidates for the clutch on the sands, much to Puwyn’s surprise (and everyone else at the Hall) he the Blue decided that he’d make an excellent candidate. After a few minutes thought he accepted the offer and found himself at Igen Weyr a Candidate waiting his fate on the sands. He again found himself somewhat isolated from the rest of the Candidates as he’s not quite managed to shed his ‘I’m the best’ attitude though he was working on it somewhat. As the days, weeks, progressed his attitude started to shift a bit more resulting in his being able to make a few friends amongst the other Candidates.
The day finally came and they were herded onto the sands, the heat pulsating from the sands. Puwyn didn’t think much about his chances of impressing a dragon as he felt that of all the others on the sands he was the more qualified to become a weyrling and then upon graduation he would take over the weyr. Bronze Nendalath hatched and started his search for his lifemate, and after a few turns around the sands examining each Candidate carefully chose P’wyn as his lifemate filling his mind and heart (yes P’wyn has one of those) with a feeling he’d never had before.
So started the new life of P’wyn and Nendalath as weyrlings at Igen Weyr, who knows maybe P’wyn will get some humility…then again maybe not.

Gallery / Icons


Title OOC Date Cast Summary
Poop Scoopers December 14, 2013 P'wyn, E'bert Conversation while scooping Dragon Poo
Cosolation from the Weyrleader December 19, 2013 E'bert, Ivy, P'wyn, W'rin W'rin attempts to console the junior weyrlings after the sudden threadfall.