Location Igen Weyr
Position Dragonrider
Dragon Cojiroth
Birthplace Ista Weyr (oldtime)


Standing at an ominous 6'4, he is a man of solid and finished muscle mass. His weight is well proportioned to his height, and everything about him reveals sheer potential strength. Hair that was once sun kissed is now darker and shoulder length. A thin strip of leather pulls his hair into a runnertail and reveals prominent klah colored eyebrows and matching colored eyes. Age is catching up with him by way of some grey whiskers on his chin. His facial features are rougher now, and the long, thin scar that trails down the left side of his face is still visible, though mostly covered by a beard and mustache. His facial hair is well groomed and defines the shape of his chin. A wide chest and muscular torso give way to blacksmith's legs that ought not to be underestimated.

Twilight Masked Hero Bronze Cojiroth

Aphotic molasses soaks bronzen hide, seeping into every curve and crevice formed by muscle. Within each neckridge, it burns, color rid through the shadows of darkness until it spills onto a near-mahogany muzzle, unflawed despite darker creases that spider up his neck and fade into oblivion. Honey taints wingsails, the hue lightened with each of Rukbat's rays filtering through. Sap smothers his tail, shading its way into each flank that pools into a dark penumbra. Lean sinew creates the bulk of his large body, each limb perfectly proportioned with the rest, marking a virile beast.

Common Knowledge

• Lifemate to bronze Cojiroth.
• Children: Linny & Ayrin (Lzi).
• Was once Weyrsecond at Ista Weyr (Oldtime).
• Very large family tree, now thinned with the jump forward.
• Loves kids.
• Loves women more.
• Very protective of his daughters (to the point of causing them irrevocable embarrassment).


Born in the Oldtime, R'lar (aka, ‘Ry’) is the eldest son of bronzerider N'ano and greenrider Sapha of Ista Weyr. He was born Ryran before Impressing Cojiroth his first time on the Sands at the young age of 18. As a teenager, he was always around children (most of them his younger siblings) and has since developed an incredible ability to tune excess chatter out. His selective hearing got him into plenty of trouble during weyrlinghood and even as a new dragonrider set amongst the ranks. He managed to control such a skill, with the help of some strict discipline and personal willpower, long enough to move up the ranks at Ista Weyr over the Turns.

He served various positions at Ista Weyr and is most noted for his time as Wingleader and Weyrsecond. Between wing duties and council meetings, he had little time for romance. The only relationship he was ever serious about was with greenrider Lzi, as they had two daughters together. Lzi and R’lar were toxic and had a very love/hate bond between them. For many Turns, it was thought that Lzi and N’ano were Linny’s parents, but when R’lar was in his early 30s, it was suggested that Linny was *his* daughter instead. That added a very twisted branch to his family’s already warped tree. It is uncertain whether or not Linny is truly R’lar’s daughter, but the unknown has made their bond even stronger.

When faced with the decision to jump forward in time to Igen Weyr with a group of young, adventure seeking dragonriders, R’lar was very hesitant. It wasn’t until Linny made the decision to move through time that he made his decision to follow her. He had very little to lose and was more than glad to leave his toxic love life behind. It was like closing a long, drawn out chapter in his past. The only treasure he took with him on his voyage through time was his youngest daughter, Ayrin. Together they disappeared from Ista and were born again to Igen. Now R’lar struggles to keep his long standing viewpoints relevant in a very conservative Pern. With all the change (and younger dragonriders constantly reminding him of his age), he is feeling a midlife crisis coming on that will put a whole new perspective on his life and ambitions at Igen.


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