Location Igen Weyr
Position Wingrider
Wing Arroyo
Dragon Bronze Shalnth
Previous Craft Seacraft
Birthplace Tillek Hold
Played By Scott Eastwood
Player javiens


Dark klah colored hair is kept closely cropped to his head on the sides and slightly longer on top in traditional Tillek style. In the winter months, a beard bristles his cheeks and strong jawline, while in the summer months he is clean shaven to help escape the heat of the desert Wey. Eyebrows are prominent and help display his blue irises, further complimenting his darkened skin tone that's kept even throughout the Turn. He is tall, approximately 6'2 and athletically built which shows in his arms and strong legs much like a seacrafter in his former life. His weight is well proportioned to his height and his physique reveals strength and endurance from Turns of dragonriding.

Formality defines the outline of his riding leathers, while simplicity undertones the overall theme. Well-fitting breeches are secured by a thick belt snaked around his hips, while a well-tailored shirt fits perfectly on his upper half. Neither too tight nor too loose, the garment is breathable during Igen's hot summer season. His body is free of accessories while two polished boots adorn his feet when he is about the Weyr.

Skol And Crossbones Bronze Shalnth

Agate glistens throughout long limbs and sets off the intrigued intensity of wide-set, faceted eyes. Liquid bronze shines again from each ridge along the line of his back while sails' sheer canopy blanches with a wrinkled mahogany. A shadow along his jaw blends back into his neck and reaches up toward his eyes where a jagged line scars his leftmost eyeknob with the same ageless sorrel that charms the shambles of his tapering ridges. The wayward hue gleams a russet-bronze about smooth hide, and wraps his form with forged burnish through lean hindquarters and into the tender lining of throat and belly.

Common Knowledge

  • Transfer from High Reaches Weyr (nowtime).
  • Charismatic @$$hole.
  • Absolutely horrible with romantic relationships.
  • Traditionalist, but not that vocal about his distastes.
  • Has a temper.
    • Not above getting into a verbal and/or physical altercation in public.
  • Frequents the Pit at least once a week.
    • Rumored to have some kind of partnership with the Steens.
  • Maintains at least one connection with each prominent Bazaar family.

Bronze Soturi
Brown Kyoto


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