Head and shoulders of young man - light brown hair, blue shirt.
Location Southern Weyr
Position Wingleader, Ocelot Wing
Craft former Harper Sr. Apprentice
Dragon bronze Verokanth
Birthplace Harper Hall
Living family Father (oldtime Telgar brownrider), mother and stepfather (harpers), younger half-siblings.
Played By Louis Hunter
Player yranth

R'zel just tops six feet in height, and his build is lean and long-legged. Wavy light brown hair shows sun-bleached blond highlights; it’s parted at the side and swept back, tucked behind long-lobed ears, but strands at the forehead have come adrift and fallen forwards, softening the angles of a long face and a pointing chin. Low eyebrows frame dark rimmed blue eyes. The nose is small and unremarkable. A narrow mouth and full lips reveal even teeth when he smiles; there’s the suggestion of facial hair on his upper lip but he’s otherwise clean-shaven. His complexion is fair, with the beginnings of a golden Southern tan.

Common Knowledge

*Former harper Sr. Apprentice who came to Southern as a candidate for Khalyssrielth and Varaeth’s clutch.
*Impressed bronze Verokanth. At the Hatching, a brown hatchling also wanted him, but Verokanth got there first. The brown went Between after not finding another rider.
*A solid bronzerider; an all-rounder rather than noted for anything in particular.
*One of Ocelot's wingseconds; particularly keen on the S&R side of things.
*Plays the guitar - he's not bad, and sometimes does a turn in the Treble Clef.
*Loathes all PT except running and swimming, but especially the self-defence stuff. Believes only D'wane knows this.



R'zel is a child of oldtime parents, but remembers little of the oldtime. He was conceived at Telgar Weyr, his parents a brownrider and a harper journeyman. Ronica returned to the Harper Hall before the child was born, and she and V'zel had an ‘on-again, off-again’ relationship over several turns, including three when she was posted to the High Reaches, and a turn in Crom. When the jump forward happened, they relocated with the intention of living together, but the relationship was strained by the new situation and didn’t survive long. Young Ronzel stayed with his mother through another three-turn posting in the west of the Reaches before they returned to the Harper Hall at Fort, where she married one of the teaching masters, a much older ‘nowtime’ man. Ronzel saw less of V'zel after that.
Ronzel didn’t particularly want to be a harper, but the harpers wanted him: with a mother in the craft, a stepfather who was a noted composer and instructor, and a really good treble voice, he was a prime target for an early apprenticeship. He was drilled into excellence in vocal technique, but otherwise made steady progress without being particularly good or bad at anything. The trouble was, he’d seen the life of a posted harper and it really didn’t appeal. He’d much rather have done something else. However, the parents weren’t hearing of it, and Master Morcom in particular thought that parents were the best people to decide for their children: a harper he would be.
Ronzel got a reputation as a troubled and somewhat troublesome apprentice. Although he was promoted to Senior Apprentice at the usual time, his work slipped back a little, and his attitude a lot. It showed more in sullenness and complaints than actual disobedience, but it tended to rub off on his friends. There was talk of rotten apples. Morcom decided that ‘the boy’ would be better off seeing what “real work” actually looked like, and engineered a posting for him.
Ronzel arrived at Southern Barrier Hold, a few weeks short of his nineteenth birthday, delighted at his change of circumstances – and was promptly Searched for Khalyssrielth and Varaeth’s clutch at Southern Weyr. He'd been passed over by Search dragons many times at the Hall, so this was unexpected, and he was happily astonished. Free from the burden of parental expectations, Ronzel enjoyed being a candidate. The Weyr’s atmosphere seemed much freer than the very conservative Harper Hall, and nobody was terribly worried if he wanted to keep himself to himself. He had never lived at his father’s Weyr and rarely even ridden on V’zel’s dragon, but now he became fascinated with dragons and their riders. He was desperate to Impress, though he tried to appear indifferent.
Impress he did – to bronze Verokanth, which was more than he expected or hoped. His delight in Verokanth is tempered by the fact that he had also been the target of a brown hatchling, who went Between after Verokanth chose R’zel. It was only after the Hatching that he pieced the events together, but it preyed on his mind during weyrlinghood, and he still thinks about it sometimes.

R'zel got through his training with no major mishaps, though reaching the required physical condition took a lot of effort and determination from a young man who didn't previously have active pursuits. He graduated to Ocelot Wing, and became involved in Search and Rescue work. He's become a solid bronzerider now, a decent all-rounder, and inclined to think about things. He even goes running. Voluntarily. The freedom to fly brought him back into contact with his father and half-sisters (and new baby half-brother) at Telgar Weyr.

He was promoted at the age of 21 to be Ocelot's wingsecond. When K'vvan stepped down, Va'os gave R'zel the position, making him, for a while, Southern's youngest wingleader at 23.

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