Location Igen Weyr
Position Guard (Trainee)
Birthplace Igen Weyr
Played By Sam Claflin


Rafevahn has a perpetually hopeful look about him — hope that his beard will fill out and he'll stop looking like his body hasn't fully committed to puberty, hope that he's still got another growth spurt coming on and isn't going to be stuck at 5'8 forever — tempered with just enough of a jaded weight to his eyes to say that, youth and inexperience notwithstanding, he really has seen a few things already. His brown hair (and the scrappy, sparse, thankfully close-cut beard framing his lantern jaw) has been kissed, or possibly sucker-punched, by enough sunlight to bleach it out in at least a few places. His eyes are a bit darker; anyone meeting his gaze, however, would be hard-pressed not to notice the scar marking his eyebrow — evidence, perhaps, that being a member of the Guard isn't just about Bazaar discounts and a nifty uniform. On the other hand, his straight, not-too-pointy nose is still straight, and not (yet) broken. While there's strength to Rafevahn's build, he isn't exactly the top-of-the-list option to serve as a male model; there's definitely still a few traces of baby fat blanketing those muscles (and softening the edge of his jaw), and he's still got enough growing going on that he's in Teenaged Males Eat The Whole World mode most of the time, so it's maybe going to be a little while before that goes away. Even though he's not that likely to prowl around shirtless, though, he's definitely strong enough to hold his own everywhere he's needed to test himself so far.

Rafe is probably wearing the uniform of the Igen Weyr Guard; even if he isn't on duty, his shirt is probably the only thing that's different — and it's still going to be something that falls into the sturdy-and-utilitarian camp, both because you never know when you'll need to break up a fight and/or arrest someone, and because he's a teenaged male and that species is known for being remarkably hard on its clothing.

Common Knowledge

  • The son of a formerly-Hogback-now-Sandlbast bluerider, V'hehn.
  • Grew up in the lower caverns as a fosterling.
  • Spent some time as a guard recruit, grew up into being a trainee, he's pretty quick on the uptake and good at what he does.


  • Silounas, brother from another mother.




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