Location Igen Weyr
Position Journeyman
Craft Harper
Birthplace Minor hold of Ista


With Realilina's slim build and short stature, it would be easy to mistake her for a woman in her early 20s or even late teens at a glance. Still, many years beneath the bright rays of Rukbat have begun to take their toll. When the corners of her rosy lips curl up, the suggestion of laugh lines grace her freckle-spattered cheeks, with just a tad of wrinkling next to her slightly inset hazel eyes. The freckles continue across her slender nose and down her honey-beige arms. Her shoulders are narrow, perhaps making her already generous bust a little more apparent in comparison. Sun-bleached dark blonde hair frames her heart-shaped face, cascading in gentle waves down past her slight waist to her generous hips. Her legs are proportional but not very long, still managing to be athletic if not exactly lean.

Common Knowledge



Engaged to Harper Erikkhan, THE Handsome Harper
Kanriel, their son



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