Location Igen Weyr
Position Journeyman
Craft Harper
Birthplace Minor hold of Ista
Player Lina

Common Knowledge

  1. Realilina is an Oldtimer
  2. She is Journeyman Harper Erikkhan's Widow
  3. She has two children: Kanriel(Bio) and Sesa(Foster)
  4. She wants to gain her Master's Knot
  5. She has a domestic feline named Tiruk (technically, she's her son's feline, but… she's Tiruk's humanpet)
  6. She has a mutt canine named Rikkha


With Realilina's short stature, it would be easy to mistake her for a woman in her late teens at a glance; still, many Turns beneath the heavy rays of Rukbat have taken their toll. When the corners of her rosy lips curl up, laugh lines grace her freckle-spattered cheeks and radiate from the edges of her long-lashed, slightly inset hazel eyes, and wrinkles are an ever-present feature above her golden brown brows. The freckles carry on their dance over her slender-bridged nose and down the caramelized skin of her arms, nimble hands, and fingers callused with a lifetime of musicianship. While motherhood, maturity, and the steady march of time have filled out her once-slight figure, they haven't robbed the woman of her proportionally generous hips and bust or slim waist. What remains of the youthful plumpness of her heart-shaped face is further softened by wavy, sun-bleached blonde hair that skims her lean shoulders when freed.


Erikkhan Erikk_4.jpg Relationship: Spouse Lover, soulmate, husband. Her last link to what was before coming forward in time. The loss of Erikkhan shook Lina's world and her family is just now recovering from it. More than two Turns later, she's still struggling to reclaim her sense of self and rebuild her identity.
Kanriel kanriel_default.jpg Relationship: Biological Son Her son is finally pulling himself back together. He and Erikk were so close, but since he passed, Kanriel and Lina have grown even closer.
Sesa sesa_default.jpg Relationship: Foster Daughter The daughter of one of her best friends and one-time mentee, Sara, then-Edlsesa was accepted as her own when still a babe in arms. When Erikk passed, Sesa took on responsibility for holding everything together and grew up too fast by necessity. Lina still harbors a huge amount of guilt about these events.


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