Location Igen Bazaar
Position Igen Street'snake
Birthplace Igen Bazaar
Played By Andrej Pejic


Dark blonde hair crowns the head of this young man, a faint highlight here and there, bleached a bit lighter by the sunlight. Kept long, the mass has been tied into a somewhat tangled runner tail at the nape of his neck. Woven into it can be found a few small braids, with black beads for decoration attached along the way. Semi-thick brows rest low over a set of eyes, just to the greenish side of hazel. Though thinly built, hes not without some muscle on him, standing at an average height of five feet and seven inches.

Common Knowledge

He is a member of Thierry’s crew, a group of boys that typically do his bidding and help with the mobile tunnelsnake ring..as well as a few minor crimes on the side. Although he’s involved, he’s also the odd man out, being the youngest, and not well liked by the older boys.



Green Pretty
A dainty little princess, cast from spring leaf gossamer and winter's last breath, she exudes delicate femininity from the tip of her slender nose to the fork of her elegant tail. Slim and slender, though curved in all the right places, her body is clad in a coat of the most delightful new leaf green, a warm, sunshine-borne shade that chases away the hints of an icier season past that dapple her paws and belly, like so many silvered snowflakes.


Just like many of the folks that work the bazaar streets, Reilan was born in the confines of that half of the Weyr. His mother, Reili, was (and still is) one of the women working in the brothel tucked into one of the many sidestreets of the bazaar. Her claim of the father was that it was Curlan, a man who worked the tunnelsnake fights and was also a frequent visitor. Being that a brothel wasn’t really the place to raise a child, Reilan eventually was sent into his father’s care. He grew up around the fights, helping to take care of any errands that he was capable of while learning more about the business. Now that he’s older, he still does the jobs asked of him, although he spends more of his time branching away, looking for other means of feeding himself than simply doing as his father tells him.

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