“Sometimes I feel like giving up, but I just can't — it isn't in my blood…”

~”In My Blood” Shawn Mendes

Basic Information
Name Remyrni
ID Number: #28792
Location Southern Weyr
Position Sr Apprentice Herder
Played By Leviyah Smith
Name Origin: Handed down through the family; always given to the firstborn son. Spelling may vary.
Other Names: None

Theme Song


Description Information

Snips, snails, and puppy-dog tails — these are the things this young ruffian is made of: a framework of gawky bones, a collection of long limbs, a brace of sharp-knuckled fists, and sinuous grace bound together by the work-roughened skin into the boundless, intrepid youth brought up in less-than-moral surroundings. He is dusky-skinned and charmingly featured, with doe-soft, greenish hazel eyes that seem all the larger for the delicacy of his snub nose and rosebud mouth. Utterly masculine, his features, rugged and elegant and even through brow, cheekbones, and chin. The expressive curve of his eyebrows match close-cropped dusting of his hair: deep brown, with a faint reddish sheen. He's middling in height, and imbued with the scrappiness of a rough cur, ever restless, ever ready to take on all comers.


Accessories: .//

Equipment: A crossbow, a beltknife, a throwing knife.

Relationships and Acquaintances

Immediate Family:



Applicable Knowledge

Quirks: : ;

Specialty : .

Secondary Talents::

Dominant Hand: Remyrni is ambidextrous.

Musical Instruments: : None

Weapons : Hunting knife, throwing knife, crossbow

Philosophical Characteristics and Social Characteristics

Morality: :

Attitude: :

Pet Peeves : .

Communication: :.

Self-Confidence: : .

Common Knowledge

Traumas: : .

Mannerisms : //

Primary Objective(s):

Secondary Objective(s):