Location High Reaches Weyr (Oldtime)
Position Senior Weyrwoman
Craft Journeyman Herder
Dragon gold Aevryscienth
Birthplace Harper Hall
Played By Anna Silk


Espresso's kiss of velvetine glory cascades in wanton curls, lingering past shoulders and sliding with thick purpose to the small of this woman's back. Rhaeyn is a juxtaposition of many things, culminating into something that is wholly herself: tall, with shoulders broad for a woman and hips ample to match, womanly curves abundant yet tempered by a fascinating amount of hard muscle and lean lines of midrift and leg. Hazel eyes are large and expressive - when they choose to be, slightly almond-shaped and set well over high cheekbones, dark arches of full eyebrow often utilized in expressive manner. Her skin is middling fair, smattered with freckles and often showing surprisingly dusky tan to face and hands and other spaces often exposed to Rukbat's searing kiss.

Common Knowledge

Rumors of her demise were once greatly exaggerated.

The goldrider who mis-jumped four hundred-some turns into the future, from 10th Interval to 11th, cusping 12th Pass: that was the beginning of the end, with the Comet heralded for her own time and a poorly-prepared-for-the-Pass Igen in the future. She took them back, and they brought her people forward — though she stayed behind, Aevryscienth's name is still recognizable to even the Nowtimers, thanks to the Vanishing Ballad circulated to perpetuate the validity of her future actions.


Eth'n: My love, my heart, my soul.
Rhysan: My blood, my marrow, my future.


In A Past Life...

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