Location Southern Weyr
Position Wingleader
Wing Serval
Dragon brown Obhaeroth
Firelizards brown Dair, brown Donn, blue Gorm, green Altra
Craft Healer (Jr. Journeyman, former)
Birthplace Ruatha River Hold, 11th Interval
Played By Olivia Wilde
Player KyaLia

Song: The New Game - Lizz Wright



Eyes are the arresting thing about Rielle - luminous sea green limned in marine blue, keen and feline in focus beneath the gentle angling of fine, dark brows. Expressive lips of medium fullness and perfectly proportioned nose complete the picture framed by a softly angular jawline giving foundation to a pleasantly lean face. Average in height and slender (but not weak) in build, fair-skinned and strong-featured, she is a striking young woman, seemingly capable of gentle kindness at one moment and cutting words in the next, all from a subtle shift of her eyes.

While Rielle is generally friendly and easygoing outside her work, she is quite passionate about what's most important to her - Obhaeroth, her daughter, and Healercraft. She is very loyal to those she deems her friends, though she doesn’t have many. She can be slow to trust, sometimes masking her caution with a sharp tongue or snark. She’s gentle and caring with patients - unless they’re brusque (or worse) to her, in which case she becomes very to-the-point without crossing over into disrespect. Tactfully blunt might be an apt phrase. She has a definite pragmatic streak, though it’s well-tempered by compassion.

She takes unwinding just as seriously as working, seeing it as a very necessary balance to a Healer’s lifestyle (and that of a dragonrider, now). In fact, she sometimes embraces the chance to go out for a drink or a dance with such abandon that one might wonder whether or not she’s running from something. Supporting this fact is that in unguarded moments, there’s a certain melancholy that hangs around her, a distinct hint of some hidden pain or guilt darkening her eyes. It’s safe to say she has her secrets…and whatever they are, she probably hasn't told many about them thus far.

Hunter's Herald of the Oak brown Obhaeroth

Druidic intuition blesses this hunter with force and strength in a confluence of vaunted vainglory and hallowed hemlock humility: dichotomous he may be, but there is no disharmony to be found in the lengthy might of this sun-dappled beast, only a raw-nerve electric energy, an eager enthusiasm that thrums throughout the lengths of his lean physique and prickles the short scruff of his slab-ridged neck. Brightness finds him in sunlit sienna glory, except for the dark smudges of his mobile eyeridges, of his whipcord tail - otherwise, the lines that show nature's gilt are as unassuming as birch-bark, fit for function, not form. Far-branching, the wind-rustle of his scuffed-leather sails complements the copper-wire woad bespoke in tree-branch tendrils along the rest of him, inextricably intertwined, inscribed along every sturdy, lanky, weedy range.

Common Knowledge

  • Rielle was injured during a surprise Threadfall, a stray strand of Thread eating through her straps enough to send her falling from Obhaeroth's neck. She is currently grounded for recovery from a mild scoring, a concussion, and a broken wrist and ribs.
  • Weyrleader L'xan promoted her to wingleader of Serval in the winter of the 11th Turn of the 12th Pass.
  • She has a daughter named Zariel, the result of a mating flight in which Obhaeroth caught Z'bor's Ozriath.
  • She served a very brief stint as an AWLM while pregnant.
  • Rielle was assigned to Ocelot Wing upon graduating from weyrlinghood.
  • She was made wingleader of Bengal Wing (one of the two new Sr. weyrling wings) at Senior Weyrling graduation, with Keelie serving as her wingsecond.
  • Rielle Impressed to brown Obhaeroth from Dhiammarath and Dhioth's side of Southern's first double clutch.
  • She was Searched to stand for Dhiammarath and Khalyssrielth's clutches by bronzerider T'zaim.



Daughter: Zariel, cared for equally (but mostly separately) by Rielle and Z'bor
Father: Ellery, Senior Journeyman Healer, currently posted at Katz Field Hold
Mother: Anira, Senior Journeywoman Healer, currently posted at Tillek Hold
Sister, +5: Leliana, Journeyman Harper, currently posted at Hold Gar
Brother, -2: Yellan, Senior Apprentice Beastcrafter, currently at Keroon Beasthold


Rielle was born at Ruatha River Hold, the second daughter and middle child to a pair of Journeyman Healers. She was fostered, though her father was posted at the Hold and remained involved in his daughter’s life. Her mother, for reasons she never divulged, eventually left and took a posting of her own in Nerat, coming to visit Rielle every few months.

It was almost inevitable that she follow in her parents’ footsteps, an interest in Healercraft developing when she was ten and strengthening enough for her to ask her father to recommend apprenticeship at Fort’s Healer Hall when she was thirteen. Though reluctant to have his daughter officially join a Craft when he had hoped she might marry into some status beyond a "mere Crafter," he eventually relented, unable to deny her passion and desire to study.

While the Craft was more lenient toward women wishing to be Healers (owing to their “gentler natures”), Rielle found herself struggling to advance in rank. Some suggested she was too curious, asking too many questions and overstepping bounds that she could see no delineation (or reason) for. Refusing to quietly accept her “place,” she determinedly continued on, matching her male peers in each skill (especially herbology). She was eventually advanced to Senior Apprentice…though there were whispers in the Hall that she may have done something drastic to finally get there.

Her Jr. Journeyman knot was a very recent acquisition when she arrived down south. Upon receiving it, she requested a transfer to Southern Weyr for two reasons - one, to have better access to the unique flora of the region in order to aid her herbology studies and improve on current medicines, and two, to lend her aid in treating Threadscore, considering practical application in treating such injuries was not as extensively practiced in the Holds.

She was shocked to wind up Searched after several months…and even more so when she Impressed her brown Obhaeroth when the double clutch finally hatched. A future as a Threadfighting dragonrider was not something she had ever imagined for herself, but she embraces her new path as one of the best possible things that could have happened to her. She realized it could be a way forward in which her hard work would reap benefits without strings attached, and that she'd be able to help people to her utmost ability even if it wasn't with a Healer's knot on her shoulder. She realized she might fall from one stigma into another, but with Obhaeroth in her life, she now doesn't care so much what others think. It's just her, her brown, her daughter, and her lover, facing forward, leaving her past behind to embrace the present.

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Surprise! It's a Promotion! 25 Sep 2018 06:00

Rielle, Zariel (NPC, puppeted by both Rielle and Z'bor), Z'bor, Kodi

Z'bor comes to lunch and is surprised by both his daughter and his Wingleader. Kodi is congratulatory.