Location Southern Weyr
Dragon Green Niamyth
Wing Catmint
Position Weyrlingmaster
Previous Position Hunter
Birthplace Keroon Hold
Played By Julianne Hough
Player javiens


Short light colored tresses entwined with even brighter highlights kissed by Rukbat fall just above lean shoulder blades and are often pulled into a runnertail. Complexion borders between fair and medium bronze tones, depending on the current season, and is smooth with Turns of youth. One of her most striking facial attributes is her vibrant blue eyes, lighter than what is considered normal and can easily be described as an icy heron blue. A pointed chin and dainty nose compliment her heart shaped face while prominent cheekbones give definition to her facial features. She is of average height with an athletic physique fit with curves appealing enough to be deemed feminine.

Form fitting riding leathers allow for easy maneuvering on her small frame and accentuate hips and bust on her toned, feminine figure. Lightweight and dark in color, they appear to be a charcoal color before natural light reveals that they are indeed a deep emerald green. The illusion of their true color is given away with each step she takes outside as they remain dark and curious while inside. A riding jacket, when worn, matches in color and reveals a cream colored short sleeved shirt underneath and a belt that snakes around her hips, one that is fastened together with emerald green gemstones dug up from the desert Weyr. Well kept, rugged black boots adorn her feet and reach up to her shins in a military styles fashion. She is free of any accessories, save a chain necklace with a purple pointed gem around her neck.

Bless Your Sweet Little Heart Green Niamyth

Proud pine vies with nightshade and nettle among the weeds climbing this diminutive green's teensy foundation: she could have been so very drab, this one, if all the furtive shades of jungle undergrowth were allowed to overgrow the aerodynamic whisper of slanting neckridges, or perhaps if her wings were patterned soft fern instead of buzzing with brilliant emerald energy. Her perfect, tiny proportions are spared such an ignominious fate by the bold thrill of stolen elderberry wine spilt in sweet profusion down wide throatlatch, puddling and pooling along various nooks and crannies, and the glinting iridescence of flicker-fast wingsails. Evidence of such a wild soul runs as rampant as the dusting of firefly-glow gold, gilding all the parts of her with a shimmering ethereal sunlight, hearkening back to the same brightness displayed so prominently in the carefree whirl of her eyes. Slim-winged and narrow, remarkably petite, she's sugar and spice — but everything nice need not apply, as shining talons and sharp teeth make wicked promise to this diminutive hellion's sweet Southern sass.

Common Knowledge

  • Rider of green Niamyth, Serval Wing.
  • Was a hunter before Impression.
    • Survivalist.
    • Mortal enemies with wild felines.
    • Niamyth's straps have a special spot for a bow and a quiver of arrows.
      • Shoots and kills herdbeasts for Niamyth whenever possible.
  • Excellent scout for wing missions and solo assignments.
  • Discovered the identity of The Coin Killer at Southern Barrier Hold.
    • Got struck in the face by the killer, broke her left cheekbone.
    • Has occasional sinus problems and numbness in that small area on her face.
  • Transferred to Igen after receiving Healers' orders.
    • The drier climate helped her heal, but her sinus trouble never really went away.
    • Had monthly check-ups to monitor her injury.
  • After two Turns living in the desert Weyr she was granted clearance to return to her home at Southern Weyr.
  • Promoted to Weyrlingmaster by Va'os and D'wane on

Rodric, +26, father
Maire, +25, mother
Lonnie, +6, brother
Wren, +4, brother
Brodan (aka, Brodie), +2, brother
Phillip (aka, Pip), 19, brother - deceased


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