Location Southern Weyr
Position Wingrider (Insta)
Craft BeastCraft
Dragon blue Sheroth
Birthplace Telgar Weyr
Played By Rachel McAdams
Player Rea


She stands just barely over 5 feet, her body holding a certain grace to it's movements. Her skin is tanned from spending lots of time outdoors, making her unusual eyes stand out even more in her small face; the right being blue while the left is green. A petite nose and a rosebud mouth finishes the look. Her hair is short, sheared off to the nape of the neck, leaving a riot of loamy brunette curls behind, the front just barely able to be tucked behind the shell of her ears. There's something about her that might catch the eye, the ease of a smile that graces her lips always tilted up in a half grin or quiet laugh.

When on her dragon's back, she's clothed in only the best of riding leathers dyed a marbled midnight. From riding cap, jacket and pants, to even the boot on her feet, she's ready to take to the skies. When off-duty, she can be found clothed in whatever is comfortable and suits the situation - trous and blouse, dress, or even shorts.

Common Knowledge

  • From Telgar Weyr, her mother a greenrider and father a bronzerider.
  • She's got like 7 siblings, and out of all of them, only one other sister.
  • She was forced to join a craft after her pranks grew to be too much. Her mother was disappointed she didn't go with the Harpers.
  • She made it to Sr. Apprentice, looking to specialize in Canines before being Searched.
  • The eggs hatched on her 16th Turnday, and she found her lifemate in a charming blue.
  • With so many family members at Telgar, she decided to stretch her wings, and take a break away from them all.
  • Rumors are, she picked Southern as it was the closest weyr to her finger when she placed it on a map with her eyes closed.
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Runa is the daughter a greenrider Rea and bronzerider B'unz, growing up at Telgar Weyr. She is the fifth child of Rea, having an older adopted sister, a brother, and then twin brothers ahead of her, while behind, were another three more brothers. Her parents were busy with their duties to the weyr and craft, though the kids weren't left completely in the hands of the nannies. After a few pranks too many, Runa was told to pick a craft, and ended up in the BeastCraft much to her mother's dismay she wasn't another Harper - several of her older siblings had joined her mother's crafthall. She'd just made it to Sr. Apprentice when she was Searched, and came off the sands with a blue lifemate, Sheroth. Weyrlinghood passed quick enough, the pair doing well, even serving the weyrling wing as wingsecond. With parents who are both riders now keeping an eye on them in their wing, the time has come to stretch their wings and fly away somewhere new. Southern was picked randomly - okay, Runa closed her eyes and just pointed to a map and picked the weyr closest to her finger!

Will flesh out a little more later!


Most of her family are NPCs, though if anyone's interested in adopting a sibling, contact me in-game! Cousins are welcome as well!

Name Relationship Info
Rea Mother Rider of Green Ailaeth at Telgar Weyr. AWLM.
B'unz Father Rider of Bronze Hotcroth at Telgar Weyr. Wingrider.
Marion Adopted Sister (+18) Jman Harper at Telgar Weyr. Specializes in Instruments/Composition.
Naevis Brother (+6) Jman Harper at Telgar Hold. Specializes in StoryTelling/Acting.
R'unz Brother (+4) Twin to Sunze. Rider of Brown Dragoneth at Telgar Weyr. Wingrider.
Sunze Brother (+4) Twin to R'unz. Jman Harper at Telgar Weyr. Specializes in Law.
B'enz Brother (-2) Rider of Green Dragoneth at Telgar Weyr. Weyrling (RL 2018).
Zane Brother (-3) Sr. Apprentice StarCraft.
Ruen Brother (-7) Weyrbrat.

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