Location Southern Weyr
Dragon Tosiekoth
Birthplace Igen Weyr | Oldtime
Played By Jake Gyllenhaal
Old Logs


Boyish charm is captured in an easy smile and brilliance of blue eyes set in face that could almost be claimed as ruggedly handsome. Features, however, are a touch too finely chiseled, giving hints of refined elegance to slope of nose and set of his wide mouth. Though shaved in deference to Igen's heat, his hair hints at the darkness of honeyed sable. Tall and lean, S'lo carries subtle strength 'neath the bronzen hue of his skin, attributed to the life of a 'rider.

Common Knowledge

S'lo used to be afraid of his own shadow. Pretty much.


Zeyta: Niece, rider of brown Kczyslawborth of Igen Weyr
N'ayl: Nephew, rider of brown Gudrotgoth of High Reaches Weyr

Slippa: Mother, oldtime rider of green Zizth, Igen Weyr
R'gan: Father, (NPC) oldtime rider of brown Turreth, High Reaches Weyr
Liza: half-sister, oldtime rider of green Ikth, High Reaches Weyr
Lila: half-sister, oldtime rider of green Alajaith, High Reaches Weyr

Kaley: daughter

Nu'ra, BFF, oldtime rider of bronze Ckiezeluth, High Reaches Weyr


S'lo was born and raised in Igen for several turns by his mother before moving to High Reaches to live with his father. That was a short-lived phase before he off and apprenticed with the Seacraft. A bad apprentice (as in, he sucks at life and was a horrible seaman), [Slogan] was soon brought to High Reaches after being found on an abandoned island (don't ask) where he became a candidate and stood for Mynwiyath and Bandeleth's clutch, impressing to blue Tosiekoth.

High Reaches is where he stayed for a few turns, during which time he donated to the population a single child with his then-girlfriend (who skipped the Weyr and moved back home while she was still pregnant), and then later on had a LTR with Tilla, greenrider to Amuirnith. Being the momma's boy that he is, however, Igen beckoned him back home and he later moved back, leaving his life (and girlfriend) behind.

But now he's 400 something turns in the future since he jumped on the bandwagon with everyone else. Sweet jeebus!

Gallery / Icons


Title OOC Date Cast Summary
Reuniting 410 turns later! July 07, 2013 Tilla, S'lo It's been a decade since S'lo and Tilla have seen each other, but luck (or fate?) would have it that they reunite again in Southern, 410 turns in the future! Or thereabouts. It's been a while, nonetheless…
Born to Fight July 11, 2013 S'lo, Q'fex Another wingrider evaluation; another offer.
Training Lynx July 20, 2013 Bailey, Hannah, S'lo; Dhiammarath S'lo tries to get his team together for practice…it could be called a success. Maybe.