Location Igen Weyr
Position Whirlwind Wingrider
Dragon Bronze Vojeth
Firelizard Brown Hedonist, Green Charm
Birthplace The Central Bazaar
Played By Joshua Sarrazola
Player playercerise
Rating Rated R+, Mature Audiences Only

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There can be no exaggeration: Safid is a beautiful man. Tall and trimly built, he would catch the eye for his height alone but it is masculine beauty that will keep that eye. He possesses a collection of features capable of making women despair of jealousy, though they're filtered through an utterly male lens- a wide jaw and heavy chin are balanced with high arching cheekbones, thick but elegant brows and a full lipped mouth that proclaims sensuality. These are but the frame for his finest feature, however, a pair of shadowed green eyes ringed by long, thick lashes of deepest black. Nature gave his skin a dusky shade and the sun has deepened that color to a rich, burnished bronze. Only his hair cannot claim loveliness and that's because he's cut it short. Some stubble lines his jaw, chin and cheeks as well, as if he could cover the chiseled perfection of his face.

Common Knowledge

  • Third generation prostitute, born to one of Rosie's Daughters and older brother to Fasai. Worked at a brothel outside of Keroon Hold due to Bazaar stigma against male whores.
  • He's gorgeous. Drop-dead full marks curl your toes and knock your sandals off gorgeous. The joke in the family is that he got the looks and Fasai got the brains.
  • Officially Searched by Mayte for Rhiscorath's first clutch; he was brought on board to scribe hides for the librarian queen.
  • Once he no longer needed to ply the oldest profession to make a living, he proved himself to be something of a grim bastard but also one of the hardest working candidates, throwing himself into his duties with a vengeance.
  • That trend towards pushing himself to his limits continued into weyrlinghood, a habit echoed and encouraged by Vojeth.
  • But there was payoff: Vojeth proved himself an early bloomer by somehow catching gold Kaelidyth at a robust eight months of age.
  • It’s rumored his graduation from weyrlinghood was delayed by Weyrleader F’dan’s fury over the small size of the resulting clutch, as well as a dud egg.
  • F’dan finally relented and allowed bluerider V’dean to tap Sa’id into Whirlwind.


Fasai - Little Sister. Wish she’d get out too.
F'dan - Mentor. An impressive asshole.
V'dean - Minion. A smiling asshole.


Safid had worked for Rosie his entire life. Before coming of age, he worked as a drudge in her Bazaar business, where his blossoming good looks were noted and he was given equal training with the girls being groomed to take their places there. Unfortunately for Safid, the morals of the Weyr- such as they are- didn't allow for a male whore within the halls of Rosie's Daughters. Upon reaching his majority, Rosie brokered a deal with a brothel near Keroon Hold- conveniently run by one of her own "graduated" girls. Safid was shipped off to serve there and earn back the expense of his upkeep and training. He returned to the Weyr on a regular basis, acting as courier for Rosie's cut of the profits, but for the most part his life was work, work, work, servicing lordlings and laborers alike, with the occasional bored lady or merchant’s wife thrown in to keep things interesting..

Candidacy and Weyrlinghood only increased the amount of work he was subject to but it was an increase he seemed to welcome. Not that anyone could tell; upon being Searched, his surface personality shifted from terse but civil to grim and often unpleasant. Fortunately, Vojeth didn't appear to mind. The pair proved an effective and driven team, their only fault a tendency to work too hard and so pull more than their fair share of training injuries along the way. But they distinguished themselves in less embarrassing ways too. After the graduation to Senior Weyrlinghood, Vojeth took it into his head to chase and catch gold Kaelidyth, siring a clutch at the impressive age of eight months.

Unfortunately, his timing was shitty. Igen, having suffered so many catastrophic losses during Threadfall, badly needed the replenishment that a full-sized clutch would provide- and Kaelidyth only laid fourteen eggs, plus a dud that drove then acting Weyrleader F'dan into a fury. It meant that Sa’id and Vojeth’s graduation into a full fighting wing was delayed until most of his cohort were already making their way in Igen’s wings. But finally, bluerider V'dean was sent with a Whirlwind badge and wingrider’s knot…

…and the clutch ended up hatching three bronzes, along with two browns, four blues and five greens. Maybe the numbers are lacking but no one can fault Vojeth for the quality of his spawn.

Not counting the dud, of course, which the pair personally disposed of.

Now the remainder of their career stretches before them and they seem committed to doing as they’ve always done together: learning, and in so doing, excelling. The price such excellence comes with doesn’t appear to phase either one of them.



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