Location Kurkar Hold
Position Lordling
Craft None
Dragon None
Birthplace Kilkum Hold
Played By Played By
Player Kishivara


Samshir's status as a lordling and the leisurely life he has lead is stamped across his appearance. He is a tall young man with little fat and even less muscle. Some might even be inclined to call him delicate, if they were feeling daring. His light tan skin is free of scars and callouses alike. Although wearing kohl would be a step too far, if someone were to look closely, they may notice that his dark eyebrows have been shaped to emphasize his bright green eyes. A long face and large ears are commonly seen as undesirable features, but they are countered by sharp cheekbones and a strong jawline. Just like the rest of him, his dark brunette hair is carefully maintained. Never before has a 'shaggy' haircut been so meticulously combed, monitored, or trimmed.
If he had his way, Samshir would never be seen in clothes that are anything less than fine. Even his casual garments are well made enough that common and lower-class folk might be inclined to look twice. He favors rich shades of red, blue, and green when he can get his hands on them. Otherwise, he avoids anything stained, dirty, ragged, badly made, poorly fitting, or bright enough to be gaudy. It should be no surprise that special events always see him wearing a tailored suit.
He proudly wears the knot of the heir of Kilkum Hold.

Common Knowledge

  • The son of Lord Shiwar and heir to Kilkum Hold.
  • Very proud of his Hold.
  • Eager to please. Rumor has it that he's here because his father sent him.




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