Sara (Deceased)
Location Igen Weyr
Position Journeyman
Craft Harper
Birthplace High Reaches Beast Hold
Played By Marcia Gay Harden
Player junipersky

A New Start


Sara is of a medium build with lightly tanned skin. Her soft dark brown hair hangs when undone almost past her waist in a particularly nice wavy flow. She is just slightly shorter than other women her age, but cannot be called exceptional short. Her eyes are a dark green hidden under long eyelashes. A woman's body is marred only by the strong muscles can can be seen on her arms. Once soft hands have been browned and scared by time with knives and forges. Wry humor can be seen in her eyes and her red lips that hold a smile with small wrinkles at each side of her mouth.

She is an adult of about 37.

Common Knowledge

Sara's specialty is instrument construction and repair. Unlike many nowtime harpers she either knows, or has records of, a majority of oldtime techniques.
Operates The Handsome Harper in the bazaar with her "partner" Peaston
She plays many instruments, though guitar and flute are the ones she is exceptional at.

Currently she is at odds with the Harper Hall and is not wearing her Journeman Knot earned in the old time.


For a Harper she has few friends. A brief affair with then-fellow-apprentice and Erikkhan has led to a long and close friendship which sometimes can look like much more.

Most recently she has been found in the company of a particular bronze rider named A'lory.


Sara is the daughter of a minor Beast Hall holder near High Reaches. They were hard workers and mildly musically talented, though never enough to make them believe they had a shot at the harper's profession. Their first two children were much the same, though their third, Sara, had much more talent. They allowed her to train with the Harper for many years beyond the normal schooling years. When she reached the age of fifteen however, the Harper made the decision that she should be transferred to someone with more experience in teaching the more advanced topics. For two years the Harper and Sara worked on her parents until they agreed to send her to get the training to be a full fledged Harper.

At Harper Hall Sara was quickly disabused of the notion that she had more than regular singing talent. Instead, she drifted towards the artists and builder Harpers. Soon she apprenticed under Edsel, and elderly man who treated her with a great deal of love and affection. Eventually, he sent her to work with the Smiths to learn more about building the few metal instruments Pern has. Due to the need for metals though, she only made the smaller instruments and learned how to repair them. Eventually she returned home to refine her craft.

A short tryst occurred with a fellow Senior Apprentice named Erikkhan, an Artist. Together they collaborated on Sara's Journeyman Project, a full orchestra for the hall that includes many of the common instruments, but no brass. After walking the tables Sara was posted at Crom for a period, which marked the end of her Relationship. Since then she has made few close friends, though has become much more open and less shy.

She returned to the Hall just in time to meet the New Comers. An old friendship with Weyrwoman Sadaiya was reawaken and Sara asked to be posted at the Weyr to learn more about the newcomers.

Journeyman Project


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