Location Southern Weyr
Position Journeyman
Craft Dolphincraft
Birthplace Southern Boll
Played By Tristan Burnett
Player Player


Roughly cut strands of chestnut brown fall from this man's head, trimmed shorter to the nape of his neck, save for those shorter strands that frame his round face to his strong whiskered jaw-line. A pair of narrowed eyes behind long pale lashes hold the hues of soft seafoam, while his own skin is kissed with subtle bronze from the sun across his face and shoulders. His form is average at best: standing at five foot-nine inches tall, slender and well filled out, muscular and fit for the everyday working man.

A cream tunic conservatively conceals this man's form as it falls down just below his pant-line with sleeves extending to fingertips and a collar high about his neck folded down. A neat vest of ashen hues is added over it and snugly tied tight to keep the other garment from billowing out in the breeze. A pair of shorts is also worn, well in condition and shaded a darker shadowed tone than his vest with a pair of weathered sandals protecting the soles of his feet. To finish this simple appearance, a plain leather belt wraps around his waist.

Common Knowledge

  • Injured being stupid
  • Smooth talker one minute, pain in the ass the next
  • Still works as a Dolphineer in a… lower capacity
  • Does NOT get along with wildlife! Darn Sneaky-peepers.



Sebastian's history is no different than the typical youth. His family grew up in the sea, they lived by the sea (kind of… The beach was walking distance. Close enough, right?) Sebastian, like the kin he was surrounded with, were drawn to the waves and since he was old enough to run, that's where he'd be found on the shores of Southern Boll. To no surprise, Bast joined the Dolphineers when he came of age. He worked hard, though one could hardly call it work when to him, it was all play at the Hall. Turns passed and he would have walked the tables to the rank of Journeyman were it not for that one last assignment as a Junior Journeyman in Southern Weyr. Working to help chart the movement of storms over sea brought him and a few Senior Journeymen to check things out, Dolphins in tow. As they moved quickly to shore, haste made waste. The tide was high and they couldn't wait for firelizards to summon dragons to pull them out. They would have to swim further across to find a safer place to reach land. Stubborn and prideful, Sebastian took a chance to shore and it cost him.

When he awoke in the Infirmary, the damage had already been done. His knee was damaged and the Healer's weren't exactly optimistic with his ability to adhere to their instructions… Except the one guy, he had hope. That's something, right? His role within the craft is now been in question. After much shouting between the distraught young man and his mentors, a decision has been made. To his mercy, he would be allowed to accept his promotion, but he had to prove he would recover and be fit enough to keep it. Time might repair his knee but watching his peers advance ahead of him while he sit invalid will not. Idle hands lead to idle minds. For now, Sebastian assists with the crafts remedial chores and teaching the young calves linguistics when he's not playing nurse to his Masters conducting first aid. He may or may not be responsible for a few choice words the dolphins have learned. Sebastian will not confirm nor deny such allegations against his charming self.


Fluffy: This defiant young hatchling stands proud atop the shattered shards of his former prison, pleased to be out. His high-held head stands erect upon a pair of broad shoulders, his angular facial features guaranteeing him attention and admirers. A muscular body stretches from his head, and graceful wings protrude evenly from his back, trimmed artistically with streaks of silver.

Booplesnoot: A shade of intense, sunny yellow-orange coats this little queen's smooth hide. It shimmers with a liquid sheen, oozing down her small yet plump frame; dripping from short head knobs, running down rounded sides and belly, pooling in ooey gooey-ness at soft paws and the forked tips of her stumpy tail. This sumptuous coloring lightens at her wingsails, spreading into melting swaths of pale golden butter. There's something warm and hearty and nurturing about this compact golden girl, but mixed with an air of undeniable delectable decadence.

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