Edlsesa "Sesa"
Location Igen Weyr
Position IGW Weyrling
Dragon Edleveth
Former Craft Harper
Birthplace Igen Weyr
Played By Lucy Hale
Player The Ghost of Erikkhan

Theme Song


Edlsesa has hair to rival both her bio mom's (Sara, deceased) and her foster mom's (Realilina). It hangs in thick midnight locks that wave and curl at the ends, which brush her mid-waist. She has sharp, keen hazel eyes, full lips and a round, adorable nose. She is thin and has an hourglass figure already, though being so young her bust is still growing in. She is short in stature however, capping out at the moment at a short five-foot one and doesn't look like she'll be gaining much more height than that.

Sesa is resplendent in white, wearing loose flowing pants and a cowl necked tunic that tucks in at the waist. She wears a hat over her flowing locks of hair and bracelets at her wrists. Sandals grace her slender feet and tinkle when she walks.