Edlsesa "Sesa"
Location Igen Weyr
Position IGW Whirlwind Wingrider
Dragon Edleveth
Former Craft Harper
Birthplace Igen Weyr
Played By Lucy Hale
Player Willimina

Common Knowledge

  • She was a Harper Apprentice is now a fully minted Whirlwind Rider
  • "Sesa" is now her full name after impressing blue Edleveth
  • Edlsesa was her name before
  • She has a love of art and music in equal appreciation
  • She loves the color Blue
  • She did and still does takes her studies and responsibilities to everything very seriously
  • She has an innate sense of honor and duty
  • She loves to sing and play music

Not So Common Knowledge

  • H'rik once had to spend a night in her Weyr…for reasons
  • She has a love interest but is extremely private about it



What was once, long, thick, midnight hair, has been cut into a fashionable a-line wedge that leaves Sesa's hair hanging just to her chin in he front, and spiking up and pixie-like in the back. She has sharp, keen, almond shaped hazel eyes that take in her surroundings with vivid detail. Her face is leaner, having lost that baby fat from before. The swell of her lips is still full, and she has no need for rouge because they stand out beautifully starkly against the paleness of her skin and make her small, pert nose the perfect finish to the luminescent portrait that is her face. Her once soft body has taken on a lean musculature, saving her arms, which are a mite bit larger because of extra work spend on strengthening them. However, this recent lean hardening of her musculature has done nothing to disturb the growth of her chest, which has sprouted to a womanly bust that oft annoys the poor girl. She is short in stature however, capping out at the moment at a short five-foot one and doesn't look like she'll be gaining much more height than that.