Location Igen
Position Guardsman
Birthplace Igen Weyr
Played By Rob Lowe
Player dojilee


Some people are just born lucky and are blessed with textbook good looks. Silounas happens to be one such man with wavy chestnut hair that manages to always flip just so even on the windiest of days. And yet, not even his magnificently chiseled jawline or high cut cheekbones prevent that perfectly straight nose from looking like it might deserve a good punch. Maybe it’s the hint of smugness in the slight upturn of his lips or something at the corner of his piercing blue eyes or possibly something else.

Silounas’ nicely muscled broad shoulders were practically made to wear a uniform. The starched collar sits just right and the crisp black tunic seems perfectly tailored. It can be hard to keep tan pants spotless when sand is an ever-present threat in Igen, but he does at least try and mostly succeeds. His boots however could do with a bit more polishing if he wants to pass inspection with the highest marks.

Common Knowledge

-Fostered Weyrbrat. His father is a brownrider in Oasis.
-Stood for Zsaviranth's first leadership flight. Obviously left Standing. Ended up joining the guard after that.
-Just got promoted to full guard.
-Definitely a bit of a self-centered prick.



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Silounas has had 8 scenes since creation in April 2018.