Location Southern Weyr
Position Jr. Weyrling
Craft Former Herdercraft Sr. Apprentice
Dragon Blue Gamanturath
Wing Catmint
Birthplace Southern Barrier Hold
Played By Willow Shields


This young woman stands just over five feet in height. Her skin bears a light tan, showing off the toned muscles of her lithe frame. Silvery blonde locks cascade down to the middle of her back. Her hair is left to blow around freely, occasionally getting in the way of her face. It seems she uses her hair to hide a little sometimes. A pair of hazel eyes peek out to dart about taking in the details of her surroundings.

Common Knowledge

Syrianna is relatively new to the weyr itself. She grew up in Southern Barrier Hold and is used to it being much colder. She burns easily at the moment, given she isn't used to it being so warm. She was a large white canine that tends to follow her around at times. It seems quite well behaved. She calls him Shimmer.



Syrianna was born and raised in Southern Barrier Hold. Both of her parents were members of the Healer craft that were posted there. When she was old enough, to the detriment of her parents Syrianna became an apprentice of the Herder Craft. She has lived a fairly quiet normal life. The only real exciting thing that happened to her is she rescued a wild canine pup and nursed it back to health. The pup like a lot of the canines in the area was all white. She tried to release it back to the wild, but it just won't go back, sticking to her, it is too domesticated now. There were some problems that developed as she reached the rank of Senior Apprentice, which was in no small part to her work with the white canine. Most of the problems centered around Syrianna and another apprentice. It was felt best to separate them. Since the other apprentice's father was a bit more influencial that Syrianna's parents, she was shipped off to serve elsewhere. This is what has brought Syrianna to Southern Weyr. She is a Senior Apprentice but is eager to learn. She has always had a way with animals, and the canine did follow her.

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