Location Igen Weyr
Position Wingrider
Wing Parhelion
Dragon Dakhanavarath
Birthplace Fort Hold
Played By Bailey Noble


Of average height and willowy, Syvia may never find womanly rondure but this does not detract from her overall appeal. A round face displays a good sprinkling of sun-kissed freckles, over a small round nose and sloping cheekbones. Her eyes appear a light shade of brown in the shadows, yet they sparkle with blue-green in the sun: a hazel coloration that seems to give the illusion of changing depending on lighting. Brown hair falls with natural volume just past her narrow shoulders, a gentle wave swept to one side when let loose and not tied in a perpetual knot at the nape of her neck.

Common Knowledge


  • Sorleigh - Father - Located at Harper Hall
  • Vyasa - Mother - Located at Harper Hall
  • Silas - Brother - Located at Fort Hold
  • Swayne - Brother - Located at Fort Hold
  • Stavros - Brother - Located at Fort Hold
  • Selvagio - Brother - Located at Fort Hold


Born and raised in Fort Hold, Syvriella's got quite a solid background strict to Hold and Craft life. Both of her parents are Harpers and she is the second to last in being born, breaking her mother's streak in birthing boys at that time. With four brothers, being protected by them was inevitable, though she is closest to her youngest and more of a protector to him. Her older brothers soon were off to their own respective apprenticeships, leaving Syv's approaching deadline. It seemed family tradition to become a Harper but Syv did not show any inclination, however, much to her mother's disappointment.

Syvriella spent the majority of her time in Fort Hold's herb gardens, picking and learning their properties from the local Healers. She soon took an apprenticeship with the Healers, plowing through everything she could learn in the libraries and picking the minds of the Crafters. And that Craft eventually took her to Ista as a Sr. Apprentice, though she'll admit she was more than happy to get away from her clingy family. When the Istan Senior laid a healthy clutch of 40 eggs and queen egg, she was reluctant to put her studies aside when she was asked to stand but still would never have had it any other way. Her family had high hopes for her gaining the attention of that little queen! But it was that Dakhanavarath found his young apprentice on the Sand instead, a fellow inquisitive mind… if a bit chaotic.

Syvriella became Syvia, rider to brown Dakhanavarath, where she put all her training and efforts to help eradicate Thread from the skies as well as helping with Dragonhealing on the ground. Her erratic dragon made few friends, though Syvia did try to have a life around him— as stable a life as she could possibly have as a dragonrider. She weyrmated, she continued her studies, and enjoyed her free time living life. Knowledge was entertainment to her, and if she had spare time it was to be found with a book. Dakhanavarath, unfortunately, had never gotten along with the other brown that shared a weyr with him, he reluctantly put up with it for his lifemate's happiness, but that can only last so long. Eventually that erupted into a drama that forced Syvia to move away. Holdbred as she was, it was a hard separation. When she found an opening to transfer, she jumped on the chance in an attempt to start life anew.

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