Location Igen Weyr
Position Wingrider
Dragon Pearenth
Birthplace Benden Weyr
Played By Stefano Masciolini


T'line is tall and lean. He's developed a firm body as a result of constant lifting, running and other exercises during Weyrlinghood and beyond. Like his mother, he's got a shock of red hair, though not as bright. It's wavy and seems to curl every now and then. There's a strong jaw, with his chin tapering to a round point. Occasionally there's red stubble along the line of his jaw but he often keeps it nice and shaved. Almond-shaped eyes are spaced evenly on his face, revealing a hazel eyes looking out from thinly lined eyebrows. A tall nose and thin lips finish off his appearance, giving him a sort of boyish charm that's not quite all the way there at manhood yet.

Practicality and comfort are T'line's main focus. He's often found wearing long leather pants with sturdy black boots, paired with a simple tunic and belt.

Common Knowledge



The younger son of Igen's Headwoman, T'line has grown up rather reliant on both his older brother and his mother since their father passed away. He remembers very little of his father and thus is very close to the family he's got left. The overprotective mother of his has taught him well in all terms of manner and ethics and he's become rather soft-spoken. Despite this, he always seems to be brimming with energy, though perhaps not visually so. You can tell by his tone of voice or the glint in his eye when he talks to you or the extra pep in his step. Partian, his older brother, was also his anchor and his tutor for when anything happened. His first heartbreak, the first time he broke a bone, etc.

When their mother left for Igen Weyr, the two brothers stayed behind until Traeline Stood and Impressed Brown Pearenth. With his brother's departure and Impression, Partian left Benden and made for Ista Hold to continue his apprenticeship. Since then T'line has made himself very comfortable at Igen despite his sometimes overbearing mother. Despite that, he is still quite the good son, doing most of what his mother asks and always taking to heart her advice.

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