Location Igen Weyr
Position Second in Command, Zingari Caravan
Specialties Healing, Illusions
Wife Willimina
Firelizards bronze Khurel and brown Bor
Birthplace Telgar Steppes, Nowtime
Played By Tyler Posey
Player KyaLia


Caravan life largely centered around the Telgar Steppes has given an admirable build and dusky complexion to this tall young man. Short, dense black hair matches dark, level brows whose ends angle downward, tapering above narrow eyes of rich brown to give him a somehow wolfish look. A slightly hooked nose draws downward to readily-smiling lips neither too full nor too thin. There's a slight blockiness to the right side of his jaw - a bit of overgrowth on his jawbone that throws otherwise handsome features somewhat off balance. Bodily, his athletic physique is muscular in a leaner sense that has filled out nicely.

Tallel is adventurous, mischievous, roguish and charming, although he can also be surprisingly gentle - something likely learned from his father when he began learning healing arts. He has a flair for the dramatic, necessitated by his less serious occupation as an entertainer. He's primarily an illusionist and sleight of hand artist, although he's been known to dance as well; he knows a fair amount of the gracefully arrogant, masculine side of belly dancing. This isn't something he focuses on, since he's more often working the crowd with his tricks and illusions. Every now and then, though, he'll be out with the dancers, giving any onlookers a glimpse of the far rarer sight of a male belly dancer.

Another talent of his - far more subtle, but also born of his skills as an illusionist - is pickpocketing. He'll cleverly cause a pouch of marks to vanish right off of someone's belt, only to produce a moment later and place it back in its owner's hand with a no-harm-done grin…just a mark or two lighter. It's a trick that goes unnoticed more often than not, and not something he does on a chronic basis. He just finds it fun to cause frustration occasionally, seeing it as nothing more than a harmless inconvenience.

He also has an irreverent streak a mile long when it comes to authority outside the leaders of his people. He does respect the Lord Holders and Weyrleaders - he knows it would be stupid not to - but he doesn't exalt their word as absolute, and views their power as something to be questioned if it hampers the freedom of those who live on the road. He's often cynical about those "bound to the rock," as he puts it, not understanding why anyone would choose such a limiting lifestyle. Respected almost as much as others of his kind, however, are the dragonriders. He'll not provoke them for any reason and doesn't envy them their battle against Thread - a battle he is grateful they fight, even if some riders - like some other people - are jerks.

Common Knowledge

  • Tallel is married to Willimina - a coupling that was controversial when it began but ended up more solid than the two ever could have hoped.
  • He and Willa have a son named Taimin and three daughters - Taliana, their first, and their twins, Ailie and Aleeta.
  • He was promoted to Second in Command of the Zingari by Willimina after several months with the clan.
  • He owns two runners - Salkhin - a calm, steady colt bred in the Steppes, and Shurga - a spirited palomino buckskin stallion given to him by Willimina as a mark of his new rank.
  • Tallel doesn't like close spaces and lives in a yurt instead of a wagon, much to the consternation of the rest of his caravan when he lived in the Steppes. Certainly, he has a small one for his belongings and a hardy, stocky runner to go along with it, but his sturdy round tent suits him just fine as a living space. His Zingari roots show in the decor he keeps inside the yurt, however - bright rugs, cushions, and hangings, intricately embroidered; eclectic bits and baubles hanging here and there, and the like. The yurt has expanded over the Turns to accommodate his growing family.
  • His clothing, while comparatively simple, also reflects his culture. He has a penchant for the bead-embroidered silk sashes that some of the Zingari tailors make, which he can always be seen wearing about his waist.


Willimina: The love that he never expected to find so soon in life, Willa is Tallel's wife. He initially wondered that she gained leadership of the Zingari so young, but he respects her all the same and admires her for weathering all the hardships she's faced so far. An alcohol-facilitated…indiscretion during the Festival of Life led to them sleeping together, something they used as a front to keep themselves from getting married off. The front didn't last long, quickly blossoming into something quite passionately real and much more than he ever could have hoped for.

Echo: She is Tallel's cousin (daughter of his mother's sister), and newly arrived to Igen from the Kheeriin. Some recent developments have strained their relationship, enough that he's starting to think they might never have truly known one another. He hopes to make his peace with her choices at some point, but it's going to be a long road.

Melusine: Tallel's aunt, whom he loves dearly. He's grateful that she decided to make the journey to join the main Zingari caravan with him, and he greatly respects her healing talents as well as her dancing skills.

Veresch: A girl whom Tallel helped calm and get reoriented when she got turned about among the newly-arrived Zingari wagons. She was responsible for him coming into possession of two firelizards. That little fact aside, he likes her quite a bit, finding Veresch refreshingly observant and forthright.

Zalara: A Smith apprentice with admirable determination and fire, but her forwardness about liking Tallel caught him a bit off-guard. He considers her a friend, but never felt inclined to return her sentiments.

Dustin: Keeper of sheep and caretaker for the Zingari livestock at large, Tallel sees the big herder as quiet and friendly. He has good booze, plays the panpipes, and takes his role seriously. It's all enough for Tallel to admire.


Born into a sister caravan of the Zingari operating largely throughout the Telgar region and basing themselves in the Steppes (the Kheeriin Zingari), Tallel began learning his trades as healer and illusionist at a young age. While his healing arts aren't Craft-trained and might be viewed as highly unorthodox (if effective) from time to time, they have been passed down through generations and make him comparable to a journeyman. His father, Taavi, is an accomplished healer and served as Tallel's mentor. He learned his skills as an illusionist from his mother Ellekha - not common, but certainly a novelty and a somewhat lucrative one, at that.

Like all Zingari, a marriage was arranged for him at a very young age, but the girl he was to wed died of firehead on a visit to Southern. She and Tallel were eight at the time, and he does not remember very much of her. Rather than arrange another marriage for him, his parents let him be - and he's rather glad of it.

Given to wanderlust, Tallel has done a fair amount of striking out on his own adventures since he was fifteen, though this tapered off considerably when the Pass began. He's known to the other Zingari caravans, having visited them during his wanderings, and has even come across other trader groups altogether. He had just returned from a sojourn down to Ista when the Igen caravan sent out its cry for help. Keen on a change of scenery and eager to put his skills to use for the good of others among his people, he packed up (along with his aunt Melusine and a few others) and made his way to the Lost Oasis, ready to try something new.

After helping the Zingari to recover from the last vestiges of illness, Tallel made the journey back to Igen Weyr with the caravan. Since then, he's done a lot of observing, listening, friendly bantering, and causing of minor mischief…as well as helping Willimina with some of her struggles. Indeed, he ended up helping so much that she promoted him to Caravan Second after some months. Eventually, circumstances led to a mutual attraction being discovered, and after much controversy, Tallel and Willimina were married - a bond wrought of genuine love and passion, and the highlight of Tallel's existence.



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