Location Southern Weyr
Position Resident
Birthplace High Reaches Hold
Played By Tessa Thompson
Player Talya


Klah colored skin that remains unblemished, skinny frame with gangly limbs, and a rounded face marks Talya's youthful age. She is still growing yet still far below average in height for girls her age, all thin limbs yet with finely defined muscles from consistent labor work. Her curves are small and slim, with telltale signs that they will remain so as she grows older. Dark brown, nearly black hair is tied back in a high pony tail, thick and wavy when loose, dropping down to the middle of her back. Her almond shaped eyes are naturally dark, with a barely defined pupil when not in clear light, giving her an intense look. With a round nose and full lips and thinly arched brows, Talya does not consistently have an approachable friendly face.

She wears pliable dark brown leather pants that are tucked into heavy boots that end mid-shin. The black boots are thick soled and well taken care of, though far from avoiding the occasional scratch or two from outdoor work. Her dark green short-sleeved top of breathable fabric is the only soft things she wears, long and loose on her lithe frame and drawn snug against her body with a thich hard leather belt. Hanging from the belt are two pouches at each hip for trinkets and other finds, as well as a leather scabbard for a short dagger the length of her hand.

Common Knowledge

  • She is not a very good bartender at the Tipsy Kitten after being a lazy and terrible worker in the caverns


  • Tarek - Father
  • Valtreya - Mother (Deceased)


Moving from the colds of High Reaches Hold to the ocean life at Black Rock Hold was a big change for Talya and her family, though Talya was young enough that most of the memories she has left of High Reaches were mostly thick jackets, digging through snow, and lots of hot stews. She was raised at Black Rock Seahold since the age of 6, daughter to Tarek and Valtreya who were hard workers throughout her entire life. From the moment they were settled, Tarek helped manage the docks while Valtreya was a Healer, and both also earned a very healthy living working a smuggling business on the side with help from contacts up north. When they felt Talya was old enough, she helped her father out on the docks but never with their side business, though it was hard to stay away from creating her own with the type of friends she came to find at the Seahold. When Talya was 13, her mother suddenly passed away from an illness. Her father took the blow hard, working less, drinking more. As the years progressed, Talya began to learn more about the business and try to keep up appearances to make ends meet and keep her father's job from dissolving completely. Drinking eventually led to debts and when Tarek began to throw himself back into the more unsavory side of work to help pay those off or earn more favors at the tavern, his smuggling turned to more sinister business that Talya disagreed upon. After a loud and messy argument, she spontaneously packed up her few possessions and made her way to the Weyr for a new life.

Music Themes

Music that makes me think of Talya

  • Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become
  • Three Days Grace - Riot
  • Thrice - Black Honey
  • Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams
  • Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow

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