Location Igen Weyr
Position Arroyo Wingrider
Dragon Brown Tseylath
Birthplace Nerat Hold, 10th Interval
Played By Katherine Moennig
Player Lanti


Waifish from tip to toes, this young woman looks very much like something cast aside at an early age, buffeted about by the world. Her high cheekbones appear all the more severe by the lack of fat on her cheeks, her face and body a little too lean to be particularly beautiful. Behind it all, however, lies a fierce light in intense hazel eyes and an eager, almost zealous level of energy not much disguised by her casual slouch. Razor-cut, dark brown hair frames her lean face with its thin lips and small nose. At its longest point, the ragged wisps stay just above her bony shoulders. Nimble, long-fingered hands are heavily calloused and lightly scarred, and her skinny arms and legs give the impression that they're just a little too long for her slender torso a few inches shy of six feet.

Common Knowledge

She's from the 10th Interval. Came forward in time for reasons she's kept to herself so far.

Her younger brother is her only family member who also came forward. He works in Igen Hold as a Shipwright.

She's not shy about work or play, but that doesn't mean she talks about it.


10th Interval

  • Mother: Elsiana (27 Turns older than Tas, Master Seacrafter, captain of the schooner "Loyal Wrasse")
  • Father: Shevtak (19 Turns older, Sr. Journeyman Seacrafter, first mate of the schooner "Loyal Wrasse")
  • Brother: Ishtak (2 Turns younger, Journeyman Seacrafter, 2nd mate and quartermaster of the ketch "Barbed Shipfish")
  • Brother: Vesiak (5 Turns younger, Journeyman Shipwright, formerly at Nerat Hold; only family member to also come forward in time, currently at Igen Hold)


Tasena doesn't open up to many people about her past, and even when she does, she doesn't tell all. This is what the average Joe may know about her:

Her family all had something to do with the Seacraft in one way or another, and she was also in the craft at some point in her young adulthood. She left the craft for reasons she doesn't share, and moved to Ista Isle for a while, where she joined the Vintner Craft at Grinstead. Again, she left, and again, she hasn't said much about why. After drifting for a while, she ended up at Ista Hold.

Tasena had been working as a bartender at the Flying Mug in the 10th Interval. When word started to spread about the Nowtimer riders and what people were planning regarding jumping forward in time, Tas pulled every favor she had coming to her to make sure she was included in that jump. Why? Possibly the only person who knows her real reason was left far behind in the past. Even the rider she rode with didn't know and didn't ask.

Over the months that followed, the rigid life at Igen pushed her to migrate once more, this time to Southern Weyr, only to move back to Igen about a Turn later. If asked, she'll admit that Weyr life beats what she grew up with, or even life at Ista Hold, as progressive as it was back in the day. Within the Weyr, though, she can blend into the background, which seems to be her preferred status. She's been working the odd jobs that come her way thus far, and has been working unofficially with one of the Vintners at Igen.

Why all the moves? Perhaps she was a tumbleweed in a previous life.

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