Location Igen Weyr
Position Wingrider
Dragon Green Otyliath
Birthplace Grinstead
Played By Gillian Anderson


Taya is tall and lithe, for a woman of her age, at any rate. The top of her head is crowned with long, strawberry curls, erring closer to blond than red, that cascade midway down her back. her blue-green eyes, framed on the sides by the markings of age, are lightly set into her heart shaped face, framed by a pair of harshly arched eyebrows. A slight, button nose occupies the space between her eyes and slender, rose tinted lips. Taya's cheekbones are prominent and lead down to a pointed jaw. Her neck is long, like the rest of her, and leads to a pair of willowy arms and a suitably curvaceous torso. Her legs match her upper limbs, though they take up more than half of her height.

Common Knowledge

Taya is an oldtimer and mother to fellow oldtimer Ada.


Ada - Daughter, rider of green Fionabhairth

Tusaya (Saya) - Granddaughter, daughter of Ada

Tamagryn - Son


Taya was born in Grinstead as Tabaya and dabbled in the seacraft as a child, though she found it not to be to her liking. She soon returned to Grinstead to help her mother, the nanny of the hold. She stayed at the hold and helped her mom until, at twenty turns old, a rider came and, with the persuasion of their dragon, asked her to Stand for Ista Weyr's clutch. Taya did not think she had a chance, but she went.
Candidacy was the standard prank and duty filled time, until the group was hustled into the hatching caverns, adorned in white. Thus, Tabaya became Taya and met Otyliath, her lifemate. Otyliath was an exceptionally athletic dragon, and Taya followed suit, the pair worked hard to earn their keep. They also earned their place. Shortly after being tapped into Thunderstreak Taya was made Wingsecond, and became pregnant shortly thereafter, a flight child. She bore her son, Tamagryn, some nine months later.
Eventually Taya was made Wingleader for her wing, she lead them with due diligence and care, treating each wingrider both as an equal and caring for them as they were her own children. During this time period she welcomed another child, Adalaya, into the world.
Through the turns Taya continued to care for her children until they were too old for needing her, or, in Adalaya's case, until she was asked to Stand for a clutch and walked out with a lifemate of her own and became Ada.
Taya was proudly there when Ada bore her a granddaughter, Tusaya.
A few more turns went by until news of impending doom came and the decision to stay and help or jump forward a few hundred turns and help had to be made. Taya chose to make the jump forward, and now resides at Igen Weyr, being a doting grandmother and not yet complaining about her aching bones.

Gallery / Icons

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