Location Igen Weyr
Position Weyrsecond
Dragon Brown Tavuqth
Birthplace Present day Igen Weyr
Played By Kris Letang


Threvobek suits the prevailing Igen culture of dark hair, skin, eyes and grit. Close up are the squint lines and medium build, all consistently average. Chin length hair is overgrown, matching the facial stubble always with a few days lead over a shave. Dark eyes show evidence of green, but not a clean green, like grass not thick enough to cover all the dirt. His nose may well have been broken before; it's centered but there's a bump in the bridge. Active and fit, the young man's shoulders show the breadth and efficience for manual labor.

When working, which is most of the time, a lightweight shirt and trousers keep the air circulating. Depending on location and time of day there may be a slew of stains in any form of smear and geometry— thicksoled boots fit the same bill. Threaded through a composite leather/hemp belt is a basic knife and, when it merits, a water canister.

Common Knowledge

  • Was a Weyrbrat all of his life though he was born outside of Igen.
  • Likes to gamble… too much.
  • Learned his father is ex-Reaches rider F'dan and his mother a trader.
  • Traditionalist.
  • Rider of a big brown with… presence.
  • Has a son named Thesrov with Selaine.


  • Segany, friend for a long time and member of the Weyr guard.
  • Jalebren, ex-fellow stablehand and friend.
  • Veresch, have their differences, her father is a herder and known by Rev.
  • F'dan, through birth records he learned the bronzerider was his father. He took his death grimly.
  • R'xim, may as well consider the man an uncle. Respects him.
  • Everyone in Arroyo


It took two individuals to make Threvobek but nowtime Igen Weyr to collectively raise him. His exact parentage was unknown, thought to be from the consequence of a flight or other indiscretion. It later came to be known F'dan and an unknown trader were his parents. His best friend claims he was named after the sound a dragon makes when clearing firestone residuals out of its nasal cavity.

As just another Weyrbrat Rev raised hell until the time came to start to find his way in life. He nearly signed as a guard recruit alongside his buddy Segany, but it was the stables which eventually got to house him. Threvobek became a peon in the Weyr stables caring for the meager stock. He took an interest to and preferred working with herdbeasts. Oldtimers and strong women left him baffled, but in time he's learned to be civil.

When Rhiscorath and Shalnth's eggs required candidates, he served his Weyr after Tija's insistence on being a candidate and met minds with Glory of the Ancient Hunt Brown Tavuqth. Tapped into Arroyo by Wingleader Zeyta, the pair were promoted in K'vvan's spot as Wingsecond. A Turn later and he received Arroyo's Wingleader command position.

More Turns progressed, he sired a son off Selaine after one of Akitith's flight. Thesrov currently resides with his mother in Southern Weyr. During a Fall, one of Tavuqth's wings was damaged. Without the ability to fly, they had to reluctantly relinquish Arroyo's leadership. Tavuqth was inconsolably bitter at his handicap, during even his good-natured rider short-tempered and harrowed. They served as assistants to the Weyrlingmaster for one clutch, but had little heart in it. After nearly a Turn of rehabilitation after his episode, Tavuqth slowly remastered flying and were readopted as wingriders in Arroyo.

Firelizard Valmai

Ungainly big and awkward about it, he has length in his thin snout and cormorant neck. Deep brown ebony evenly tints his hide save for the lighter dun circling each eye and fading down the pinpoint muzzle. A partly chunky body streamlines significantly once airborne, the brown's stocky legs ending in strong toes capped with thick claws. His wide wings are often splayed while sunning, projecting shadows as dark as he is.

Firelizard Iscah

Gentle and lovely, this green, her domain orderly and neat. Fastidious the tidy tides of green that rise over her haunches and wings, laced with golden froth. Her face and head, adorable perfection, from graceful head knobs to delicately turned jaw and muzzle. Paws, dainty and precise, placed just so wherever she may alight, upon a branch, a parapet, a shoulder, a flyblown haunch of mutton. Gentility awash in the sweep of glimmer-green wings, translucent in the blazing sun, feminine mystery in the moonslight, gracious, gracious, always gracious, a lady resplendent under the auspices of her great good fortune.

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Igen's Tunnel Snake Welcome Gang 29 Jan 2019 06:00

F'mond, Th'bek, Ramya

Beer, Betting and Brawls, this scene's got it all. Also… someone definitely took a wrong turn somewhere.

No choices 30 Jan 2019 05:00

Ramya, Th'bek, Agertha

Takes place after Igen's Tunnel Snake Welcome Gang



Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com