Location Igen Weyr
Position Jr. Journeyman
Craft Smith
Birthplace Telgar Hold
Played By Joe Dempsie


At six feet tall with a stocky build, Therkin is the kind of person that's just immediately recognizable as someone who makes a living through some sort of physical labor. A muscular torso, with heavyset shoulders and biceps, give him the illusion of more size than he really has - which isn't to say that he's by any means a slight man, "bulk" definitely an accurate descriptor. His dark brown hair is cut conveniently short, but with no attention paid to the aesthetics, just clipped to a close crop of near-black that lays carelessly askew, well-matched by the short beard and moustache that darken a square jaw and a chin with a shallow dimple in the middle. More pronounced dimples give shape to his cheeks, lending a boyish charm to a face that's otherwise hard-chiseled and rough-edged, with narrow blue eyes set beneath low, long eyebrows. His lips are often chapped, and his left nostril has a scar that makes his nose other than symmetrical.

Therkin's usual attire is something functional (go figure). He typically wears light-weight, long-sleeved shirts that keep his arms covered and protected while still being breathable, little bothered by the color so that it's usually something simple - beige, brown, black, something like that. His pants are of a similar make, occasionally a pair patched at the knees or back-pockets. A well-worn leather work vest laces up the front, a leather belt, and leather boots are probably where the entirety of his budget for attire has been spent, all of it in good condition but obviously not new.

Common Knowledge

  • Newly posted Journeyman Smith.


  • None as of yet.


Age Events
0 Born to to a Journeyman Smith and his wife at Telgar Hold.
5 Mother dies, father is posted elsewhere, leaving Therkin effectively orphaned at Telgar.
13 Joins the Smithcraft.
19 Promoted to the rank of Junior Journeyman and posted to Igen Weyr.

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