Location Southern Weyr
Position Journeyman
Craft Dolphin
Partner Nilima
Birthplace Outside Ista
Played By Catherine Steadman
Player Rea


Thessa grew up outside of Ista, and from a young age, loved the shipfish. Her parents are both with the Seacraft as fishermen. She's got four siblings, two younger and two older in various crafts. When she came of age, she joined the dolphin craft as an apprentice at the Crafthall and has never looked back. She has found her specialty as a dolphinealer, taking care of the dolphins themselves while also helping normal healers with sonar. She's also helped out during Search and Rescue events. A turn ago, a dolphin by the name of Nilima, choose her to be partners with. They'd worked well together several times before Nilima made the final choice to call Thessa partner.


Cute is this brunette with a certain girl-next-door look that often makes her look younger than she is. The look of innocence mixed with her short stature is quite the bane to put up with at times. Her hair is several shades of brunette with hints of blond or sometimes red in it depending on the season. It's thick and soft but short and shaggy, as if she carelessly takes scissors to it whenever it gets in the way, staying well above her shoulders though long enough at the front to tuck behind her ears. The rich earthy color of her hair makes the light color of her eyes stand out all the more within the contours of her face; a lovely blue-brown hazel. While she stands barely over five feet in her shoes, she is well toned from her time spent in the water swimming.

Generally, she's found wearing trousers in dolphin blue paired with a tunic of white. Sometimes, a blue jacket is worn if the weather is cool enough. On her feet or sandals or boots. Upon her shoulder is the cords and knot in blue and white of a Journeyman of the Dolphin Craft.

Common Knowledge

  • Hails from outside of Ista.
  • First time away from 'home'.
  • Partnered with an older dolphin, Nilima.
  • Has a small dog she dotes on, Scrappy.
  • Was asked a few times to stand as a candidate, but declined.


  • Bronrick - Him. Ugh. Always trying to prove himself better at everything in class. But he is fun to hang out with.

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