Location Southern Weyr
Position Jr. Weyrwoman (on Loan from Telgar)
Dragon Heart of a Valkyrie Gold Yorprith
Birthplace Telgar Weyr
Played By Gwendoline Christie
Player Staff Run NPC


At 6’2”, built solidly of long limb and torso, statuesque would be one way to describe this woman. Looming is just as accurate. Although not the usual ideal of femininity, she does display a woman’s curves alongside compact muscle all wrapped up in porcelain-pale skin. She keeps her blond hair short and serviceable and tidy, a spunky display of feminism that doesn't get in the way. Blue eyes are set below gracefully curving brows and above a nose with a distinctive offset near the tip, evidence of once having been broken. Cupid’s bow lips are set above a strong chin and jawline.

Trying to combat the masculinity of her frame, Treista is dressed in a long, flowing dress. Midnight in color it softens her musculature and flows around womanly curves to swirl around at her ankles. Sturdy but fashionable boots cover her feet, despite being flat of sole. This woman doesn't need the extra height. Not much one for pomp, she only wears a simple chain necklace and a ring on her middle right finger.

Common Knowledge

  • On loan from Telgar Weyr until a new gold is hatched and has had time to mature.
  • Born at High Reaches Hold.
  • Worked as a guard before she was Searched for Telgar Weyr at 21
  • Impressed Gold Yorprith

Heart of a Valkyrie Gold Yorprith

Divinely-fashioned and nectar-fed, perfection is given life in a powerful and formidable frame, refulgent and resonating with blood-borne confidence. Honor honed in ancient battle shines bright upon a proudly-wrought visage, while leadership’s banner stretches valiantly over the broad sweep of antique gold wings edged in the blood-ruddy hue of copper. Each statuesque curve is highlighted in glittering white gold, cascading over headknobs and haunches and topaz-topped neckridges, blending into a brilliant spray of sun-kissed blonde over the tops of her shoulders and down her back. Bold turmeric and stark eggshell powder her legs, contrasting the tarnished, burnished hues of her ribs, the splash of rose gold upon her belly, and the black diamond of blade-sharp talons.


Born in High Reaches Hold to the Captain of the Guard and his wife, Treista was a much anticipated daughter after three sons in a row. While her mother tried to raise a lady, Treista seemed to have other plans. Discarding dolls to pick up the toy swords of her brothers, she was never meant for the dainty life. That became more apparent as she grew.

No wilting flower, she took after her father when it came to height and build, broad in shoulder and strong of arm. It didn’t take long for her to catch up in skill with her brothers, and even surpass them in some areas. She was put through her paces with no favoritism; indeed, her father might have been even the littlest bit harder on her than her siblings, but there was a very important reason for that. He was testing her. He had to be sure about her, since he was going to be risking his very position and livelihood.

Because High Reaches was even more conservative before the current Pass, when Taren brought his daughter for recruit training, there was some uproar about nepotism and how it would have looked for them to have a woman among them when she should be finding a husband and making a home. So Taren told them to test her, and Treista succeeded at everything they threw at her. They couldn’t fault her training, and Taren made it clear that he would treat her no differently. She completed her guard training by the age of eighteen and settled in among a group that, at best, tolerated her being there… and at worst made her life slightly more miserable. She knew her father’s hands were tied, so Treista handled the unpleasantness on her own, either by ignoring it or challenging those who took it too far. After besting a few loudmouths, things seemed to settle for her and she truly started to enjoy her work.

But those things were not meant to last. At the age of 21, Treista was Searched for a gold egg at Telgar Weyr. Her sense of duty wouldn’t let her say no to the honor, but she had no real hopes that the new gold would pick her. She was certainly in for a surprise then, when the pale golden Yorprith took no time in singling out the tall girl from the Candidates, Impression changing the guardwoman’s life forever.

With the excess of golds that Telgar seemed to maintain somehow, Treista fell into her role as a junior weyrwoman admirably, taking to it with the same discipline as she did her guard work. With all the queens at Telgar, there wasn’t much advancement over fifteen turns for a junior weyrwoman. Even so, she became known for being dependable. When word came that Southern Weyr, having only one gold, was looking for a weyrwoman to come south, Treista decided to take up the challenge after much consideration. She’s eager to broaden her horizons with this new opportunity.

Gallery / Icons



Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
New Horizons (Vig) 05 Jan 2019 05:00

Treista & Yorprith

Answering Southern's need for another weyrwoman, Treista of Telgar Weyr makes some final preparations before they move south for an undetermined amount of time.

Arrival At Last 07 Jan 2019 07:00

Treista and Yorprith (puppeted by Alyna), Taurie, Amani and Zymuraith

The Weyrwoman and her assistant welcome the new goldrider from Telgar to their new home at Southern.

Lunchtime rush 08 Jan 2019 05:00

Evka, R'zel, Leire, Treista(puppeted by Alyna)

Just another busy lunch in Southern's Living Caverns.

Morning Visits 09 Jan 2019 05:00

F'kan, Idara, Treista, Va'os, Z'bor

Va'os comes by to check on the newest weyrlings and have a chat with F'kan. They're soon joined not only by Idara, but the new goldrider Treista and Serval's Wingleader as well!

Local Knowledge 20 Jan 2019 00:00

Treista, R'zel

Treista's thinking of visiting some local holds. R'zel provides some background.

Morning Pleasantries 24 Jan 2019 07:00

Treista, Idara

Treista steps into the Tipsy Kitten for breakfast and Idara is already there, pleasantries abound.

What's Your Type (of Drink)? 21 Jan 2019 05:00

Treista, Va'os

It's a really hot evening and everyone's got drinks on the mind… Treista and Va'os included!



Title OOC Date Characters Summary Com
Shopping Anyone? 15 Jan 2019 05:00

Amani & Zymuraith, Evka & Saetyroith, Xanthee & Liowyth

Xanthee comes to visit Southern on a hot summer's day to drag her two best friends shopping for a very special day.

Caught Nappin' 19 Jan 2019 05:00

F'kan, Z'bor

Z'bor finds F'kan passed out in the Nighthearth and they have an early morning conversation over klah.

Vocation 26 Jan 2019 00:00

F'kan, R'zel

F'kan and R'zel talk about weyrlings.

Prices and Prizes 30 Jan 2019 07:00

Va'os, Rielle

Va'os gets a bit silly near the end of his Turnday festivities.