Location Igen Weyr
Position Journeyman
Craft Herder
Dragon N/A
Birthplace Benden (cothold)
Played By Sam Tramell
Player kelthero


Despite his true age being much younger than one would expect, his sandy blonde colored hair has already begun to grey along his temples. He leaves it at a length that always leaves it with a perpetual tousled look. It suits his features best, from his blue eyes and to the angular shape of his jaw; which also sports a varying state of ‘shadow’ scruff, depending on when he last shaved. Lean in build, he’s no stranger to hard work and it shows not only in hint of muscle, but the roughened look to his hands.

He wears sturdy clothing that benefit him both for Igen’s harsh climate and his work. Keeping to sombre and neutral colors, it’s rare to ever see him dressed formally unless the occasion calls for it. Almost always, he wears various pouches and tools attached to his belt or has a rucksack slung over his shoulders. On his shoulder, a Journeyman knot is pinned with Igen’s colors, as well as Herder’s threaded through.

Common Knowledge

  • Has been around Igen for a few Turns and has built himself a reputation as a skilled beasthealer; he’s often sought out by the Bazaar families
  • Focuses mostly on runners, but also knowledgeable in burdenbeasts and draybeasts; this makes him somewhat popular with Traders too
  • Tends to keep to himself outside of his work, no one really knows what he’s up to
  • There’s rumors he’s tied to some questionable things (a certain Bazaar family, in fact) but he denies it if pressed…
  • Despite this, he’s approachable and quiet tempered
  • Oddly, he’s greying prematurely, something that amuses him more than anything
  • He has his own runner, a stallion

NOT Common Knowledge

  • He does frequent some of the shadier establishments in the Bazaar from time to time…
  • … in fact there’s a whispered rumor he’s tied to the Akzhan in some way


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Tzajal was born to a small cothold on the edge of Benden’s territory nearest to Igen’s. His early life was rough, as they were not overly prosperous; a few hard Turns when he was a young child saw further decline in his family. It was not all doom and gloom and despite his family struggling more through his younger Turns, he persevered and overcame it.

Fate would have it that a visiting relative (an uncle and Journeyman no less!) saw enough promise in young Tzajal and offered to ‘sponsor’ him to go study at Herder Hall. While it would be the first time he ever left his home, he was still young enough to be swept up by the idea and, with his parents blessing, agreed to the offer.

The next few Turns passed in a whirlwind. Tzajal excelled at his studies and adapted well to his new life in the Hall (despite a few hiccups; but he doesn’t talk of those). Slowly but surely, he rose from Apprentice to full Journeyman and it wasn’t long after walking the tables that he was given yet another offer…

… and one that would see him reposted to Igen.

From forests to green hills and meadows to the harshness of the desert, Tzajal has called Igen home for some time now and, so far, has no inclination to leave.

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