“Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I'll rise.”

~Maya Angelou, Still I Rise

Name Tziporah
ID Number: #28757
Position Zingari Trader Girl
Birthplace Somewhere on the Telgar Steppes
Played By Camila Cabella
Pronunciation:z ih p oh r uh
Name Origin: Handed down through her mother's family to the first female born
Other Names: None

Snips, snails, and puppy-dog tails — these are the things this small ruffian is made of: a framework of skinny-kid bones, a collection of coltishly knobbly-kneed legs, a brace of sharp-knuckled fists, and viciously sharp elbows bound together by the wiry sinew of boundless, intrepid youth barely touched by puberty. She is porcelain-skinned and charmingly featured, with doe-soft, hound-dark eyes that seem all the larger for the delicacy of her snub nose and rosebud mouth. Elven-framed, her features, delicately elegant and even through brow, cheekbones, and chin. The expressive curve of her eyebrows matches thick, sunlit mink-brown hair; it falls to midback in expertly tousled, loose waves. She's a few inches inches above five feet tall, and imbued with the scrappiness of a rough cur, ever restless, ever ready to take on all comers.

Ever the proud young beauty for all her roguish ways, she wears her harem pants and short blouse with pride, both as black as night and edged in golden embroidery; the sweep of her short sheer cape is draped from shoulder to wrist, swirling over mid-thigh and across her scrawny young bosom in demure folds. Both forearms and biceps are decorated in rolled, golden handkerchiefs to add just the hint of richness to her ensemble. The sole concession to practicality are the travel-worn, tall riding boots she insists upon wearing every chance she gets.

Accessories: A small, battered wooden ring circles the middle finger of her right hand, an heirloom passed down from hand to hand over many generations.

Equipment: A crossbow, a beltknife, a throwing knife.
Immediate Family: Mother: Tirlah a Kheeriin Weaver Father; Musi, a Kheeeriin Singer

Enemies: She’s too young to have enemies, bar that one boy whose nose she punched and made bleed..

Speaking Voice: Low contralto; sounds male if one isn't listening carefully.

Uncommon Knowledge: //Can sing very well; has extensive training as a Singer from her mother.

Morality: : Chaotic Neutral: she doesn't mean to hurt anyone, but she'll do what's best for herself.

Attitude: : Devil may care, playful, mischevious, flirtatious. Can be very moody and even downright cruelly sarcastic.

Pet Peeves : Tziporah will not be told to stop being such a hoyden and display more feminine charms. She does not wish to associate with fragile desert flowers, nor be lumped in with them. She is a stubborn chit whose hard head has sometimes earned her a soft butt.

Communication: : She speaks softly, despite her rough-and-tumble appearance, and likes to listen more than she speaks.

Self-Confidence: : Tziporah is a fairly confident young girl, though she has her nervous moments.

Traumas: : None to speak of; Tziporah has lead a sheltered life among the Kheeriin, and is somewhat spoiled as a result.

Mannerisms : She’s an expansive child, and often manages to get herself banged up, scrabbling around the desert after various plants.

Primary Objective(s):
Tziporah lives and breathes clan life, trying to learn the best way to keep her people healthy and well fed.

Secondary Objective(s):
She’s a kid: she only sees one path in life. Healing.