Location Southern Weyr
Position Sr. Apprentice
Craft Herdercraft
Dragon (If Dragonrider)
Birthplace Southern Weyr
Played By Theo James
Player Player


This youth is on the cusp of manhood and possess angular, masculine features that on first glance might not suggest that he be described as handsome, but in combination there is little doubt that the word would suite him. A chiseled jawline may or may not be smattered with stubble depending on how he felt getting out of bed that morning, his long nose smack dab in the middle of his face where it belongs, above a pair of expressive and full cupid-bow lips. It is his eyes though that might become the focus of attention, colored a pale seafoam green that stands out against his tanned skin. The brows above them are dark and on the thicker side without being bushy, somewhat angled at their farthest end. His light brown hair is cropped short, and beneath the sun it's highlighted in the warmest of golden hues. In frame he is well built, as if he was used to the kind of manual labor that leaves one decidedly muscled, but not grotesquely so. With broad shoulders and a tapered waist, he appears to be a fine, physically fit specimen of his gender.

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