Location Southern Weyr
Position Weyrhealer
Craft Master Healer
Birthplace Oldtime Fort Hold
Played By Hugh Jackman
Player Adoptable


Varden stands tall and hale with a face that can be as formidable as his broad shoulders. Though not much taller than six feet, his calm demeanour seems to extend from him, making him feel larger, taller. That said, his frame is big anyway: his broad shoulders are matched by a wide torso, toned beneath his clothes with only the slightest hint of some fat around the stomach. His arms are strong; hands deft and sure. He holds himself with an easy pride, cool brown eyes staring out from beneath thick black eyebrows. His hair is a rich dark brown, with the beginnings of grey at his temples and in his sideburns, and the odd strand here and there in the thick mane he keeps in a side-parting, trimmed to a medium length and swept away from his face. He has a neatly-trimmed short beard and moustache that cover his square jaw. He is tanned, as would be expected of a Southener, and has a clean smell about him, of soap and redwort.

Common Knowledge

The Weyrhealer of Southern Weyr. He has outlasted quarantines, dead bodies, poisoned weyrleaders, and Lendai. Somehow he hasn't lost his sanity. A typically stern man, of impressive demeanor and impeccable reserve… but when off the clock, he's known for a rare sense of humor. Not much is known about his personal life, though gossip is rife that he's in an on-again off-again relationship with one of the Herders.



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