Location Igen Weyr
Position IGW Trader
Caravan Zingari Caravan
Birthplace Somewhere in Telgar
Played By Madelaine Petsch
Player Mailli


Theme Song

Varli is slightly above average in height. Flame red hair is artfully arranged in an intricate array of braids that criss cross the back of her head. Her green eyes sit on either side of a short stubby nose, while a full, and pouty mouth can be seen twisted into an amused smile. Pale complexion is kept pale through the use of finely ground minerals that give the illusion that Varlie's carved from alabaster.

A veil modestly covers Varli's face leaving only her eyes to peer out. The soft greens of the choli, ghawazee coat, and diaphanous skirt that falls just to the ankles make a striking contrast to the artfully paled complexion of the young woman. On each ankle is worn a string of tingling bells, a matching bracelet graces one wrist, while a fine silver chain twines around the woman's waist. All of which paints a picture of a rather demure woman.

Common Knowledge

What's known- Varli is easily amused. Laughs louder than she should, and has a rather long fuse on her fiery temper. She is part of the Kheerin clan of the Zingari.




Born on the road, Varli is most comfortable on the move. Part of the Kheeriin clan, Varli turned her feet towards Igen Weyr when Willimina put out a call for help when the Elders up and tried to oust the Caravan Leader. Varli is a dancer, Zingari spy, and other things. Ask her in private what the 'other things' are, and she'll tell you what it is the 'other things' entail.

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