Location Black Rock Hold
Position Watchrider
Dragon Czrygheth
Birthplace Tillek
Played By Ana Alaru
Player Kelthero


When not braided back or bound in similar manner, dark brown hair flows well past her shoulders in length; not a hint of curl or wave, but straight locks that otherwise suit and somewhat soften her stronger features. Tall and athletic in build, she retains some feminine curve to her though not much. Dark brows arch over much lighter, kohl rimmed, blue eyes, and a rounded nose ends above the sardonic, thin curve of her lips. Not wholly apparent, less she’s wearing clothing to reveal it, a terrible wound has left much of her right arm and shoulder withered in muscle, scarred and severely damaged.

Her tastes in clothing are simplistic, as she favors fabric and styles that will best suit her reduced mobility and the day-to-day work she faces still as a rider. She leans away from brighter colors, but on occasion will “dress up” when not actively on duty — her casual clothes are often difficult to differentiate from ‘working’ clothes for this exact reason. Around her neck, she wears a few corded necklaces made from leather and other sturdy materials, but only one holds a stone pendant that she is never without. On her shoulder, she wears a knot in Southern Weyr’s colors and woven through with a deep blue ribbon. The knot positions her as Watchrider, the badge often accompanied with it placing her in Black Rock Hold.


  • Quick witted, but often impulsive and strong willed
  • Can hold her own when it comes down to it
  • Takes nothing at face value; partly why she adapted/coped as she did to her injury
  • Down to earth, but skeptical of certain things
  • Stubborn as a flaw and has acted selfishly in the past…
  • … otherwise she often puts the needs of others before herself
  • … and then tends to ignore her own feelings

Common Knowledge

  • She Impressed Czrygheth at 18, in the double-clutch, from one of Dhiammarath and Dhioth’s eggs.
  • Since Graduation, she flew with Liger Wing until she was injured in Threadfall three turns ago
  • She’s been working hard on regaining strength and range of movement with her damaged arm… and adapting to use without it when it proves to be more of a hindrance
  • Has been posted for two turns at Black Rock as a Watchrider
  • Really wants to return to the Weyr and return to the fight…

Uncommon Knowledge

  • Has made a few friends while stationed in BRH and it has made her sympathetic towards the Seahold
  • … she may be willing to ignore the shadier exploits of some of those ‘friends’
  • Really hates it when people look at her with pity
  • Her drive to return to actively fighting thread has her desperate enough almost to the point of obsession…


… TBA!


Veena’s life started just as any others: she was the daughter to a pair of cotholders near Tillek Hold for most of her life and enjoyed the simple comforts of home — that is until fate would bring a Southern Searchrider north enough and claim her, for the double clutch hardening at the time.

At eighteen Turns of age, her life abruptly shifted but she grasped it willingly and forged on… and never stopped. Her arrival to Southern as a Candidate was short lived, scarce a day gone by that the Hatching began and Veena found her forever-love and protector in blue Czrygheth.

Together, the pair proved to be well matched and they excelled at their training. Fortune seemed to smile on them both, even well after Graduating into Liger Wing and a few Turns experience under their belt.

… until it all went wrong.

Veena has little recall of the ill-fated Threadfall, but she will forever live with the aftermath. Severe damage from scoring to her right arm and shoulder has led to considerable muscle loss. The Healers told her that she should not expect to fly Fall again.

A verdict Veena disagrees with and with every fibre of her being.

Her posting to Black Rock Hold has done little to quell her spirit. While she has made a new ‘home’ there and formed new friendships and allies, her goal has never changed:

She will return to the Weyr and fight Thread again!

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