hair: blonde | eyes: blue | height: 6' | skin: white/freckly | age: 36

Her face is an elongated oval, stubborn-jawed and squared-off at the chin, framed by a flyaway fall of blonde hair caught somewhere between the distinctions of curly and wavy. Her eyes are bright blue, just a touch too large; her straight-line nose is strong and unbroken, mouth rosebud-soft but still firmly capable of conveying a frustrated educator’s measure of disapproval. Vosji is long and tall, with a greater proportion of height allocated to legs than to torso; whipcord-lean and wiry-strong in a way that speaks to a decade plus of riding pushed to its extremes rather than a natural inclination toward bulk.

Vosji is lucky that riding leathers are custom-made for each rider, and luckier still that the leather-workers could find hides long enough to fit her frame. Trimmed and lined in undyed shearling, her dark-almost-black-but-definitely-brown riding jacket fits closely to her torso, closing off-center with bone toggles, before flaring out past her hips to grant ease in riding. Her riding trousers are made of the same lined leather, dyed the same brown, fitting neatly into her darker-brown laced (and lined) knee-high boots. Completing the picture: warm gloves, not quite elbow-length, matching her boots and thoroughly covering the sleeves of the jacket.

Common Knowledge

  • A transfer from Ista Weyr (, which you can tell because she seems to have a perennial objection to wearing shoes.
  • Came in with an Assistant Weyrlingmaster's knot, though with the lack of eggs on Igen's sands she had been wearing an Arroyo wingrider's instead. With Zsaviranth having risen and clutched, the assistant's knot returned. She was promoted to Weyrlingmaster by F'in in the 11th turn of the 12th Pass.
  • You say it with a soft 's.' VOSS-jee, not VOZ-ji.
  • Highly militaristic unless you catch her in an 'off' moment.

Other Information

Tidbits & Little Details

(feel free to pick up on these)

  • She's an archer. Archery was her athletic hobby as a kid, her favorite part of PT during weyrlinghood, and if she can argue that it's self-defense, she'll carry the bow she still has around with her.
  • Vosji really does not wear shoes when she doesn't have to, which includes stints in her office and even the Living Caverns barefoot.
  • Has low to no tolerance for cold weather; you've probably caught her complaining under her breath about desert winters, even with her long down jacket to compensate.
  • Her collection of ornate pens has a strange tendency to be connected, however indirectly, with weyrlings or candidates getting in trouble.

If you came from Ista Weyr, you might know …

  • Her father had a long run as Weyrleader from when she was a baby to her mid-teens.
  • Vosji Impressed at just thirteen, and was considered a gold candidate. She was chosen near-instantly from the other side of the sands by a blue; the father of the clutch was G'tan's Zinakoth.
  • Her name used to be Ulavosjia, and those who knew her before her Impression are inclined to calling her Ula or Uli.
  • She has two daughters, neither of whom followed her to Igen.
  • Rode as Wingsecond until a bad scoring; became AWLM when she went back to duty. Remained in that position until her Igen transfer.

Admiral in Exile Blue Iskanzivoth

Depthless ocean blue optical-illusions away any accurate eyeballing of his size: in the right (or the wrong) light his hide seems nearly black. Properly illuminated, it is the rich-dark of polished apatite, striated through with glimmers of lighter blue. Size similarly revealed, he is on the larger side for a pre-Pass blue: densely muscular and a little bit stocky without sacrificing length. Time has not been the kindest to him: the broad planes of his face are well-weathered, and his snout is the off-set crooked of a mis-healed break. It is clear, too, that while he may have been shelled pre-Pass, he is a fighting dragon: the deep-sea blue of his hide is shot through with silver-gold glimmers of healed ‘scorings, testament to battles fought, and won.



Pale green pours over her strong, large form; the darker jade of her head transforming into a creamy layer that spills over her neck and wings, and turns into an again slightly darker green around her talons. Minty wings' membrane is pale, pale green, a transluscent addition to her coloring. Her headknobs and muzzle are dotted with darkish red-tinged spots and twist and turn, almost feline in nature.


Bronze whose desc needs a revamp.


Gold whose desc needs a revamp.


Shimmering sapphire greets the eye, bright and clear across the frame of this large blue. Musculature is seen with every move of his body, built to be a fighter he is, and it is further shown as etched lines of golden-bronze show, creating a armored pattern across his bulky length. His head knobs are bedecked with a copper-bronze crest to lead the way in battle, while flecks of earthy brown dance across his ridges to end at the tip of his spaded tail. His wings when spread are defined by emerald green spots at each joint, jeweled favors granted by his lady, to mark him as her favorite champion. Sapphire darkens to navy along his haunches, darkened by shades of rustic bronze that dance along his legs and talons. His tail is a sword sharpened for battle, the spaded tip marked by a bright edge of luminescent gold at the spaded tip, ever ready to defend and protect.


Bronzed orange hues lasso a path about his hide. Slightly angled eye ridges suggest somewhat of a smirky expression just above a snub-nosed snout. Thick, stout neck, muscular wings and powerful haunches show that this firelizard is built for power! Lighter yellow hues buck a shaded path across his neck and tailbone, and some reddish splotches fill the bucket of his left flank.

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Location Igen Weyr
Position Weyrlingmaster
Dragon Blue Iskanzivoth
Birthplace Ista Weyr
Played By Ludivine Sagnier