Location Southern Weyr
Position Wingrider
Craft Harper
Dragon Bronze Khasvith
Birthplace Lemos
Played By Ian Harding
Player theweez

I am sailing into the wind and the dark.
But I am doing my best to keep my boat steady and my sails full.
- Arthur Ashe


It might be hard to lay a finger to W'lin's true age, as he has both lines around his eyes and a certain boyishness whenever he smiles. He has short black hair that goes wavy where it brushes against his forehead. His complexion is fair, with reddened cheeks and a lightly freckled nose set between small, sharp blue eyes and messy eyebrows.

Not exceedingly tall or terribly short, but he is a man that stands at an average height with a lean if muscular build. Dressed in typical rider attire, he is not one to stand out from a crowd: thin shirt under a riding jacket and fitted wherhide pants. Worn brown boots, a knot of station, and a smile are often complements.

Common Knowledge

- Born in Lemos coverage area
- Apprenticed at Harper Hall
- Impressed to bronze Khasvith
- Formerly of Telgar Weyr in the Nowtime
- Transferred to Southern as part of a trade


Werlin: father, woodcrafter master, lives in Lemos (NPC)
Sosana: mother, baker, lives in Lemos (NPC)
Rowen: brother, woodcrafter journeyman, lives in Crom (NPC)
Astigar: friend, harper journeyman, lives in Fort (NPC)
Te'lor: friend, brownrider, lives at Telgar Weyr (NPC)
Rehysen: son (10), weyrbrat, lives at Telgar Weyr (NPC)
Iseli: daughter (4), weyrbrat, lives at Telgar Weyr (NPC)


The nowtime presents its own problems for the peoples of this pass, but for W’lin’s family there was no question about conforming to the conservative ideals of the time. Werlin was an up and coming woodcrafter who fell head over heels for his teacher’s daughter, and with their union came two sons and a whole lot of expectation. They settled into the Lemos region, where Werlin had easy access to his craft’s medium and his crafthall was not far either. It went without saying that he expected his children to follow in his footsteps and become hallmarks of the craft, protégé that would make any man proud to say he was their father.

W’lin was less of a workworker as it turned out. He would exhibit traits and skills that the local posted Harper found intriguing over the turns; with time and guidance, he was sure that the boy would make a talented harper. It was a blow to his father, who at first would hear no talk of it, but he had a soft spot for his youngest. And that was that: at fourteen he headed off to Harper Hall for a proper craft education.

Long days and grueling lessons were a given – W’lin accepting to stand at Telgar Weyr was not. He snuck out of the courtyard one day, when a visiting coalition of dragonriders happened upon the Hall, trying to get a closer look at those beasts they wrote their stories about in class. It amused the dragonriders and caused his teachers undue strife when a blue pinned him for search material. Rejecting was never a probability.

Some would say the Hold-born boy was destined for this, given the circumstances that led him to that day on the hot sands of Telgar Weyr. Khasvith broke shell first, but Impressed W’lin third out of twenty-three. He can still remember the way his hands were sweating as they grasped the hands of his fellow candidates at his sides, and the way his mind reeled as it connected with Khasvith’s.

Life has been one adventure after the next since then. Eighteen turns of life at Telgar suited them. And then their weyrleaders blindsided them with a proposition. It would change everything.


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