ID Number:#27822
Pronunciation Will-ih-mihna
Preferred Name Willa
Location Igen Weyr
Position Zingari Caravan Leader
Caravan Zingari Caravan
Clan Haeyleri
Husband Tallel
Offspring Lillia(f), Taimin(m), Taliana(f), Ailie(f), Aleeta(f)
Firelizards bronze Mephistopheles & gold Regina
Played By Nina Dobrev

Common Knowledge

Willimina is Leader of the Zingari Mother Clan

Willimina is an accomplished Dancer

It is a well known secret that Willimina has a network of spies all over the Northern Continent, and it is rumored that she let her spymaster, S'ayde, be searched and impressed so that she could have eyes and ears inside the weyr, though as of yet this rumor has no weight.

Willimina is wife to Tallel , and Mother to Daughter Lillia, Son Taimin and daughters Taliana, Ailie and Aleeta.

While she has re-married, Willimina is also a widow. Her late husband Ephraim was murdered just after the birth of their daughter.

Willimina prefers to be called Willa

She is a fancier of skirts, jewelry and anything feminine looking,

Willa may dress like a female, but she has the heart of a Tomboy.

Willa holds the utmost respect for her grandmother Ethelinda

Is a member and Leader of the Zingari Caravan