Location Igen Weyr
Position Zingari Second
Craft Entertainer / Glass Blower
Birthplace Telgar


Just over 6 ft. tall, Wrenari's olive toned skinned has settled into a warm walnut brown from a life in the sun. Strong but not bulky, he has an athletic runner's build that gives him cut definition without too much mass; a nice balance of thigh, abs, shoulders and arms that come together with an tendency for predatory movements for quite the effect. His handsome face is framed by tight ringlets of dense curls, the tips and waves lightened from dark chestnut to golden blond by Rukbat's rays. Thin sideburns slant toward his lips at mid cheek, giving a roguish golden highlight to his sun touched high cheekbones. This matches his equally bleached goatee and mustache, somehow equal parts scruffy and trimmed around his full smile. His brows and lashes, however, remain dark and make a dramatic frame around emerald eyes flecked with gold. There's light wrinkles at the edge of his eyes, set there by smiles and sun, giving a touch of wisdom to an otherwise youthful face.

Usual outfit:
Wrenari wears a pair of loose linen pants of a faded turquoise color low on his hips, tucked and rolled tight to his ankles so that the flowing cloth flutters with his movement. His pants are held in place with a wide, brown leather belt, decorated with a few small pouches and leather pockets affixed here and there holding shards-knows-what. Along the small of his back a knife sheath has been made into the belt so that it's an easy reach behind him for the blade's handle. Under the belt is a long scarf that casts around one hip and tied in place, a wild whirling mix of green, cobalt, indigo and violet in bright contrast to the pale pants. It's not hard to imagine this swath being pulled free and wrapped around shoulders, head and mouth when needed to protect from the sands. Sturdy leather sandals, the same brown as his belt, protect his feet from the hot sands.

Around his wrists several bracelets in beads of wood, glass and the occasional metal, mostly in earthy or bronze tones with the occasional shot of silver or emerald, or complex braids of leather. At his neck is a pair of necklaces, one a silver chain with a pendant of bronze, silver, and green glass gems, making an artful medallion resembling an 8-spoke wagon wheel, symbolic to the caravan people. The other is a string of mixed beads, much like on his wrists, some with little symbols carved into their surface.

Common Knowledge

✦ He arrived with a thunderstorm on his heels and hasn't left Willa's side since.
✦ Part of a sister clan of Zingari from the Dunto River area of the Telgar
✦ A glassblower by trade, fond of making the delicate and intricate.
✦ A helluva flirt, confident but not cocky.
✦ Does not like to talk about why he was so willing to leave is clan to come assist the Zingari of Igen.
✦ Whispers around the Zingari camp suggest him and Willa have more than a working relationship already. They're just whispers though…. right?


~ Willimina : Boss Lady. She has potential, but fragile still. Needs time and tempering.
~ Timotin : Suspicious and prickly, but efficient and knowledgeable. A good crutch for now.


Wrenari grew up the second son of the clan head and healer for the Zingari of Dunto River. Family being everything to his people, he has a large extended pool of relations that includes parents, 2 brothers, 1 sister, a living grandfather, and more cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles than he could count in a fortnight. Normally this would be viewed as a blessing. However, when you're part of a small roaming caravan, having your bloodline already so well spread makes it hard on a single man looking to find his place and a partner.

While Wrenari grew up a little wild, not strapped to his father's trade like his older brother, and has had his fun, his lovers of all types, his adventures and has scars for stories to tell. However, he's settled some in recent years and has become a master at his craft, having traveled and apprenticed to learn his skills with glass. When he came back to his family afterward, however, he found that the one he'd been betrothed to had betrayed him and bore another man's child. While this shed her in a dark light for the clan, it did even more to his own views of honor and home. Who knew? Why didn't anyone send him word? And with his family line so far flung across the wagons in their gathering, who was left for him to turn his affections on? Not many, and certainly no one he wanted.

With his place in his family line not essential, and his love of home tainted by betrayal, he set out to travel and look for an advanced master in glassworks to learn from. After 6 months away, news came via Firelizard… the Zingari of Igen needed help. He'd heard the rumors about Ephraim's death, and had suspected a brother would take over. But no, it was his young widow who claimed his leadership roll, her bloodlines linked to the founding of the clan. Now, this widowed mother of one was calling to the clans for someone with experience to come assist as a second hand to her. Missing the way of his people and deciding to see of his roots would settle in Igen's sandy soil, he answered the call.

Having been chased by storm clouds all the way to Igen, when he arrived, he'd barely made himself known to Willimina when the skies opened. Thunder and torrent rains came on the first night of spring, a fitting herald to his arrival.

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