Location Southern Weyr
Position Ocelot Wingrider
Dragon bronze Mishonth
Birthplace Benden
Played By Chris Pine


Xh'zil is a handsome man in his mid twenties with short-cropped hair and a shadow of stubble that seems to perpetually haunt his chisled jaw, framing his cupid's bow lips. He's a well-built, muscular man standing at six foot two, imposing at times. His eyes are a crisp blue, his hair a brown that might have been more blonde in his youth.

He dresses well enough that he probably takes some pride in the way that he looks, tailored clothes made from expensive fabrics when he's not dressed in his riding leathers and sporting the knot that marks him as a bronzerider.

Common Knowledge

  • Recent transfer from Benden.
  • Smart but not very great with people.
  • Mishonth is wonderfully polite and friendly.



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