Xia & Zafroxth





Location: Southern
Position: Jaguar Wing rider
Dragon: Illusion of Time and Space blue Zafroxth
Pre-Impression: Former Weaver/SBH Convict/Laundress
Birthplace: Fort
Played By: Amy Lee
Player:** junipersky

Xia is medium tall with just a hint of plumpness that would err towards fat if she allowed it to. Long black hair that falls in cascades of not-quite-wave but not-quite-curls reach midway down her back in a haircut that can only be described as amateur. Determined eyebrows settle above wide light blue eyes, though in glowlike they take on hints of sea-green. A rounded face would be pretty except for the high cheekbones and just slightly too large noise.


Xia has had 101 scenes since HT's reboot in April of 2013.

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