Location Southern Weyr
Position Journeyman
Craft Healer
Specialty Emergency Medicine
Sub-specialty Mindhealing
Birthplace Fort Hold
Played By Gemma Arterton


Curvy, she is, and unrepentant of it; and curly her hair, dark as espresso and falling a generous ways down to end in a thick fall at mid-back. Skin ivory-kissed warms only at the peak of summer to glow with tanned rose, otherwise pale and kissed with freckles over the bridge of her nose and the high curves of her cheekbones. Dark eyes under dark eyebrows match well with her mass of hair, softened only by the sweet curve of lips below. Her features are striking when aided by a touch of kohl and cosmetics, otherwise often dismissed as girl-next-door run-of-the-mill lovely.

Common Knowledge

She's an oldtimer, though more of a proper sort than most. Or so she appears.

She does wear pants. And her wrists are more often than not very visible. Ankles, maybe not so much.

She's a bit of a charmer, when out of her work-mode, a bit of a flirt. But she's discreet, else she'd be known for more than just flirting… or one would think.

She was allowed to keep her rank as a journeyman after a stint at the main Fort Healer Hall where she displayed her cool head under tremendous pressure.


To be determined on-camera.


Xieli is the daughter of a Harper Master from oldtimes, born and raised at Fort. Her mother died from a runner riding accident when she was roughly twelve, and it catalyzed the girl to go into the Healercraft, as if it was said her mother may still be alive, had someone been there with knowledge enough in triage.

For all of that she didn't have necessarily an angsty childhood or adolescence. She grieved, she focused her energies, and found a true love for the philosophy of do-no-harm.

In oldtime, her father arranged passage for her to nowtime through old connections of his with Ista Weyr.

Since being in nowtime, she's served a stint at Healer Hall, then Igen Weyr, and now to Southern. What may be her reasons for so much moving around? Ones she may just give, if asked.

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