"Ever put your life in another man's hands, ask him to put his life in yours?"

Physical Markers

  • Scars, Set 1: Z'bor tangled with a feline and came out with four jagged scars on the scalp.
  • Scars, Set 2: Z'bor received more scars when tangling with pirates. Four long, deep jagged scars on each side of his right thigh from a feline attack and a puckered star shaped scar in his left shoulder from a pirate's crossbow bolt.
  • Scars, Set 3: Z'bor has a jagged, thin scar in the joint between his thigh and groin, earned when somehow, some way, a sliver of thread landed there and scored him deeply. Thanks to good care, he recovered and can still walk, though he has a slight limp in the cold.

Common Knowledge

Location Southern Weyr

Position Serval WingSecond

Dragon Green Ozriath

Played By Steven R. McQueen

  • Z'bor's wing handle is Zero
  • Z'bor has a ridiculously good work ethic and expects the same of those around him.
  • He is genuine and honest in all of his dealings.
  • Z'bor grew up in Ista Weyr as a merchant's son and sailor.
  • Z'bor used to be a socially awkward penguin with a severe case of sudden onset public laryngitis and the invisibles. However, over the turns,he has gained a lot of confidence and self worth and is now rather sociable.
  • Z'bor is bi, and H'ris' Weyrmate, they have a son (H'ris' biological) named Riski
  • Z'bor is the father of daughter Zariel (Biological, with Rielle)

Basic Info

  • Aliases: Z'bor, Zabor, Zero, Zbor, Zee, Zeb
  • Pronunciation:ZAH-BOAR
  • ID Number:#27924
  • Weyrmate: H'ris
  • Wing: Serval
  • Birthplace: Ista Weyr
  • Dominant Hand: Z'bor is left handed
  • Specialty: Z'bor is a sailor at heart, a man of the sea and an avid surfer

Primary Objectives:

  • Z'bor's primary objective is Ozriath, his life mate, as it is with all Dragonriders. Your life mate comes first, above all.
  • His Duties as Wingsecond and to the Weyr
  • Destroying Thread
  • PT Director for Serval

Philosophical Characteristics

  • Morality: Z'bor is the epitome of a good guy Greg, always on a quest for good!
  • Etiquette: Z'bor is very respectful towards authority, giving them their due, though he does not pull his own rank over people, unless he thinks it's absolutely necessary.
  • Attitude: What attitude?!?!

Social Characteristics

  • Communication: Z'bor does well with communicating with his family and the very few friends he's made, and it's rote to respond respectfully to those who outrank him. He's nothing if polite, sometimes to a fault.
  • Criminal Record: Z'bor? A criminal? Yeah right. ~Hysterical off-screen laughter occurs.~