Location Southern Weyr
Position Wingrider
Craft None
Dragon Brown Roikanith
Birthplace High Reaches Hold
Played By TBD
Player Zothi


Zothi's skin is fair and free of any major blemishes so far. At one point, her build had been delicate, but the rigorous experience of weyrling training has put some muscle on her. However, she is still best described as 'lean'. Her height of five feet and five inches lands her within the spectrum of average. Light brown hair reaches her shoulders and is rarely tied back or otherwise styled, the exception being during threadfall. Pale round lips and wide blue eyes bring her portrait to completion.
Zothi tends to wear simple clothing. Lightly colored garments that won't make her overheat or reveal more than she is comfortable with. Her main priority is avoiding outfits that would draw too much attention her way, so she avoids anything too flashy, too dark, or extravagant. The exception is when she attends an event, in which case she will dress in the style called her. The knots of a brownrider adorn her shoulder.

Common Knowledge

  • Was transferred from High Reaches Weyr to Southern as 'support' immediately after graduating Weyrlinghood.
  • Zothi was standing for what many thought was a gold egg. Roikanith hatched from it instead - scandal ahoy!
  • Has not yet been assigned to a Wing.



+This will be a thing someday.

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