Clutched (OFF-CAM) February 10 2012/Hatched March 22 2012

Lendai's gold Talicanitath x Sh'z's bronze Lakenheath

Egg Theme: Apocalyptic Phenomena
Dragonet Theme: Harbingers

Clutching LogHatching Log

PC Impressees:
H'ris (Haris) - Emerged From The Chrysalis Green Qyth - One Way To Peace and Quiet Egg
Tuli - So Swells the Swarm Gold Elicheritath - Final Smolders of Asgard Egg
S'erc (Sercain) - A Grim in the Scrying Sieve Bronze Vulkasinth - The Sky Is Falling Egg
M'yck (Myckren) - Justice in Street Shoes Blue Oroqaith - Broken the Second Seal Egg
Jedi - A Twinkling Sense of Foreboding Brown Llioramasith - Faded Enlightenment from Below Egg
Mal (Maliya) - Mechanized Clockwork Wirntiki Brown Morkarth - Mandibles Get In Your Eyes Egg

Other NPC Impressees:
L'cst and bronze Swarmth, F'rost and bronze Winterth, Calori and brown Fath, Sp'ring and brown Taxeth, X'ray and blue Burnth, Lesion and blue Leproseth, Kar and blue Crasth, Nec'tar and green Honeyth, S'ex and green Stdth, Nom and green Zombith, N'clear and green Wasth

NPC Eggs:
A Hazy Shade of Winter Egg, No One's Gonna Eat Your Eyes Egg, Creamy-Filled Death Roll Egg,And I Shall Inherit the Earth Egg, Pimpocalypse Egg, But Why's All The Coffee Gone? Egg, World War Z Egg, A Delectable Drizzle Egg, Mmf Mm Mpf Mm-Mmmmppf Mmf Mpfmm Mmmf Mff! Egg, Deluge Downunder Egg, and Anti-Apocalypse Peeps Egg

Other PC Candidates:
Rocco, Teyaschianniarina, Galadrid, Solren, Ceryeri