Guidelines of Conduct

In March of 2013, HT as a whole voted on what the game would like to see in terms of the conduct of its players.

  • "Always be mindful of the ratings of the characters with whom you are playing."
  • "Treat people the way you would want to be treated yourself."
  • "Avoid saying things behind a person's back that you wouldn't be willing to say either on a public channel or to their face."
  • "Accept personal responsibility for your own actions, and behave as a sensible adult: if something makes you mad to the point that you may behave irrationally, take a breather, walk away from the computer, and log back on when you feel you won't be damaging to yourself, to those around you, or to the game at large."
  • "If you have a problem with someone, or feel upset/uncomfortable, talk to the other person(s) involved or discuss it with a neutral member of guides or gamestaff. Don't hold on to it just to avoid confrontation!"
  • "If you feel that something isn't working, ask the person if they are aware of the potential problems - give feedback - and suggest a solution."
  • "If a person indicates that they do not want to continue a conversation or a scene, be courteous and end the scene or conversation as quickly as possible. Extended contact with a player after they have indicated they do not wish to communicate will be considered harassment."
  • "Remember that, though Pern brings us together, the players behind the screen come from all walks of life. We come with different sensitivities, comfort levels, and perspectives. Be open to others having differences of opinion."
  • "Misunderstandings happen, often unintentionally! State your discomfort; be open to apology. If seriously offended, take a break and then come back to address the issue, but don't harass anyone for their personal viewpoints!"
  • "Remember this is a game; everyone's here for fun! Behind every name is a REAL, live person. Be as mindful, respectful, and understanding of the people around you as you would in RL!"