All crafters listed by craft, as opposed to where they're located: crafters can also be found at their individual area pages.


Name Rank Specialty Post
Ravene Journeyman Breads and Pastries Igen Weyr
Elonoora Sr. Apprentice Pastries and Desserts Southern Weyr
Dyre Sr. Apprentice Unknown Igen Weyr


Name Rank Specialty Post
Mienta Journeyman Cartography Southern Weyr
Odesse Journeyman Cartography/Exploration Southern Weyr
Sebastian Journeyman Who Knows? Southern Weyr


Name Rank Specialty Post
Torulik Journeyman Irrigation Southern Weyr


Name Rank Specialty Post
Valenia Master Pediatric Mindhealing Igen Weyr
Syteran Sr. Journeyman Physiatry Igen Weyr
Xieli Journeyman Emergency Medicine/Mindhealing Igen Weyr
Elle Sr. Apprentice Emergency Medicine Southern Weyr
Tommin Sr. Apprentice Mindhealing Southern Weyr
Kahielle Affiliate Beasthealer Southern Weyr
Katryana Apprentice N/A Southern Weyr


Name Rank Specialty Post
Beka Master Runners Southern Weyr
Mireille Sr. Journeyman Runners/Goats Southern Weyr
Issri Sr. Journeyman Chickens Southern Weyr
Kahielle Beasthealer Rehabilitation Southern Weyr
Chalelle Sr. Apprentice Livestock/Canines Igen Weyr
Elena Journeyman Felines Southern Weyr
Llewellyn Journeyman Bovines Southern Weyr
Safi Sr. Apprentice ??? Southern Weyr


Name Rank Specialty Post
Korlerak Captain Ship: High Roller Southern Weyr
Arvo Captain Ship: Azov Foam Southern Weyr


Name Rank Specialty Post
Malosim Jr. Journeyman Firestone, gemcraft Igen Weyr
Fenrir Sr. Apprentice Southern Barrier Hold


Name Rank Specialty Post
Alesa Master Comp, Instruments, Perf Igen Weyr
Elsryn Jr. Journeyman Artist, Writer, Archives Southern Weyr
Erikkhan (deceased) Sr. Journeyman Artist Igen Weyr
Peaston Sr. Journeyman Igen Weyr
Abrehan Journeyman Archiving Southern Weyr
Catryn Journeyman Archiving Igen Weyr
Lethea Journeyman Law Southern Weyr
Madox Journeyman Teaching Southern Weyr
Ranivar Journeyman Southern Weyr
Realilina Journeyman Perf, Comp Igen Weyr
Riona Journeyman Teaching Southern Weyr
Tolavin Journeyman Performance, Composition Igen Weyr
Vezre Journeyman Voice, Archives Southern Weyr
Zetali Sr. Apprentice Luthier Igen Weyr
Aleile Jr. Apprentice Southern Weyr
Lyllian Jr. Apprentice Archiving Igen Weyr


Name Rank Specialty Post
Eollyn Journeyman Brewery Igen Weyr
Ciprys Journeyman Spirits Southern Weyr
Topiltzin Journeyman Brewery Igen Weyr
Zarolan Journeyman Igen Weyr
Ramita Journeyman Spirits Igen Weyr
Jaune Sr. Apprentice Vintner Igen Weyr


Name Rank Specialty Post
Dale Master Metal Southern Weyr
Laeri Sr. Journeyman Southern Weyr
Tanmorand Sr. Journeyman Igen Weyr
Kairi Journeyman Southern Weyr
Drevar Journeyman Construction and Fortification Southern Weyr
Therkin Journeyman Igen Weyr
Kynedir Sr. Apprentice Southern Weyr
Zalara Apprentice Igen Weyr
Milloy Apprentice Southern Weyr
Ilaria Journeyman Wood Southern Weyr


Name Rank Specialty Post
Elle Jr. Journeyman Igen Weyr
Alsha Journeyman Igen Weyr


Name Rank Specialty Post
Dexyryti Jr. Journeyman Design/Tailor Southern Weyr
Donatien Sr. Journeyman Tanner Southern Weyr
Nausica Sr. Journeyman Tailoring Igen Weyr
Malaia Journeyman Igen Weyr
Toresa Journeyman Textiles Igen Weyr